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  1. Update: VA in my town finally opened back up and I had an appointment today. Absolutely no help. I knew more from learning things from you guys than the guy I talked to. He is apparently just a “Filler out of basic forms” person. Only been on the job for six months and two of them he was off because of the virus. Soooo frustrating! I can’t believe the VA makes things so tough.
  2. I posted a thank you and I think it didn’t go through. I want to thank each one of you for the help you are giving me. It’s all overwhelming information. I don’t understand why the VA makes it so hard. I’ve read multiple accounts of people trying to get VA to make an approval. I will keep y’all informed on what happens and I hope I can help any other veteran in the future. Hell SSN disability wasn’t near the headache as this is.
  3. The hand written are from sick calls where I went in for my back during service. The other three are from the “Myhealth” page before I had private insurance. It shows that I still had problems only a couple of months after discharge. Does this show evidence of in service accounts?
  4. On Form 10182 (Board Appeal), which one do I choose? 1. Direct Review By A Law Judge. 2. Evidence Submission Review By A Veterans Law Judge. 3. Hearing With A Veterans Law Judge.
  5. I called Dr. Ellis office and I can’t get in until July. My letter from the VA says I only have 60days from the letter to file an appeal to the board. It’s confusing to me.
  6. Thanks for the information Fat. I am currently 100% disabled with social security for my back (multiple fusions and a spinal stimulator). I’m sure my family doctor will write a Nexus statement. I was wondering if I should get an attorney. I read on most forums to not waste my time with one. What do you guys think?
  7. I just looked on myhealth page and pulled up VA hospital records showing lower back visit only 2 1/2 months after I was discharged. Another for lower back four months later and another VA hospital visit for lower back two years later. After that I finally had insurance and went to regular doctors for it. By the way the wreck they are talking about happened on my way to drill for activation. They said since it was three days before the activation date, it’s not covered. I was living out of state and I came to town three days before activation and was in a car wreck halfway.
  8. Just received my third turn down from VA. They say I can appeal to the board. The reason for turn down is because “Not enough evidence to show service connection.” They have records of me having physical therapy and sick calls for my back. Isn’t any evidence some evidence? Have people had good results from, “Appealing To The Board?”
  9. Thanks for your information. Yes I am totally disabled to never work again. I sent the VA my copy from Social Security with all the details and what all the doctors said about multi fusions, multiple disc ruptures, multiple bulged disc and spinal stimulator with battery. Total disabled 100%. You would thing the VA would make the same decision!! Thanks again. Still waiting on my letter.
  10. It’s amazing they do these types of things. It seems like getting an attorney is the only way to go. SSN disability was the same. I had to get an attorney and now I am 100% disabled with them. It seems like the VA would look at the SSN decision and it would be an easy decision for them. Less work for them. I sure hope you have better luck. I’m sure I’m not done fighting them. Thanks
  11. This is my third time applying for disability for major back disability. I am disabled by SSN for back issues that started in the Gulf War. I was rejected twice from VA (they said no proof it was service related). I finally at the local VA found records that do show several sick calls and physical therapy done back then. This last time I put in for disability, they made me do a C&P exam. I am now waiting on my letter. Since they did a C&P this time, does that mean I will probably get a favorable decision?
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