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  1. Shyne I thank you for liking the story posted. Big hug to you for your thoughts, Josh
  2. I am pleased that you were able to get that Techy Rick. Way to go! Josh
  3. I want to thank all of the group who stopped by to either read the entries, read the pages, especially those of you who replied, I was trying to add music to the background of the different sections as they opened but was unable to do so. Plus we are limited to 2M entries. I guess I could have put links in to another site but imagine, I have been away from computers for so long that I do not even know how to initiate a site. Easy to learn though with all the resources and could probably cut, paste and edit as needed..... My project now is to produce a multimedia production of my dearest Sweety Bee Giovanna's life story for family, friends and associates. Her travels covered the globe and I was so very lucky that she and I became soul mates in all ways. May 2014 be the most wonderful year in our lives. You shall see and hear from me in hopefully the not to distant future when I receive the next word from the VA. Thank you and a salute ad bow to you all.
  4. 63Sierra, Reading your words was sweet music to my soul. Thank you ever so much for sharing those words. At one point in time I was not sure if there was something after this life. but now I am sure of it, Giovanna Ghisays awaits my joining her again one day but for now is with the father she so loved and missed and many many other good souls in paradise. Josh
  5. Yes Notorious Kelly, It was an epic romance. Love story true to life that covered the depths of the soul revealed. I would love to publish a book and one about Giovanna's history and life. Gio was a "fighter" and so very brave. Giovanna was a very special woman who was a major force helping those in recovery beginning in Colombia expanding to initiate groups all over South America and working with others in the Groups structure to unify the battle supporting those fighting against the dark monster of addiction. Before she passed away Gio had spent years on the World Board of that group, reaching out her hand supporting those who were truly suffering. Gio's passing was not only a major personal loss, but a loss for the world. You want a laugh with me about her? Let me post a photo of her that shows you what she would say whenever and wherever she felt the urge to speak out. She was Super Great...... It makes me laugh when I see her like this. We bought a home in Colombia and this is photo was taken while the kitchen was torn apart during the remodeling process.... he he he What a wonderful girl!
  6. I must share Giovanna and I's story. We actually met on the internet when I was in the nursing home referred to in the 1151 claim. She knew there was something "physically" going on, but I was very hesitant to share what was happening. She and I were in contact multiple times per day sharing music and thoughts for several months on a program called ICQ. Finally, she said she knew there was something wrong and quietly requested I share the secret with her. At the time I was at the doctors' total mercy knowing I had to get the antibiotics to live or I would certainly die a slow and painful death. How do you tell somebody this? Gio in her heart and soul, knew this was serious and I was not twisting any truths with her. At the time, she had be doing allot of flying and had saved up enough miles to get a round trip ticket between the US and Colombia. Gio had no idea who I was and decided to offer me that ticket flying me down to get help. The Great Escape was being planned. Gio knew I was a desperate soul and chose to hold me close and shower her good graces upon me so I could get the Meds (Long term IV antibiotics) I so desperately needed. When I arrived in August 1999, she met me at the airport outside of Cartagena and had two of her friends support me as they took me into her room lying me down on her bed. She did not even know who the heck I was and scooped me up like a lost feather.... She was my friend, nurse, phisical therapist everything rolled into one. (((((((((((((Gio))))))))))) <- this is a big hug for Gio. So many times did we share this symbolism together on-line. She organized and brought doctors into her home to review my case. As Berta knows, I knew there had been an error and I did not want to die of an untreated CNS infection that had been knocking me to the ground for years at that point. Imagine, this was all taking place at the "dawn of the Internet Age" Before 9/11, before the internet was high speed, What was high speed for us at the time? A 48Kbs phone modem. There was definitely much less "Border Security." So what did she do? She sent me several CASES of 1 gram ampenicillin tablets to get me by until I could make down there. Of the 4, 500 tablet containing cases she sent only one got snagged by customs. That too has a story behind it trust me. There is so much to share that I really need to outline this. It is a movie with defiance, pain, heartbreak and true love wrapped into one. Giovanna Ghisays-Zarur was my one and only true love who saved my life and in the end I could do nothing to save her's. So heartbreaking truly. A grieving process I must open up to clearly. Gio's intervention in my life is a movie no doubt and the total story, as those of you who have read in the attached pages is not over yet. I even hope more than anything that my case brings a new vision of what the unknown mystery disease MS is. I have sufficient information for a doctoral thesis but what is important is to divide and conquer that monster. Imagine I was in medical school and dropped out. At this point, those credentials, had I finished, would serve me well, but that was a long time ago.. The hard drives I mentioned above have all our history and including our initial contact on the internet as we knew even then this was a story people would desire to share. Please excuse my skipping huge sections of the history, but it is good for me to be caught in the "swirl" of events which are still unfolding as I write this message to my friends on Hadit. Yes, I see I need to write and tell the story. Surely, reading the attached documents, you can tell there was something very subliminal taking place. Very twisted and beautiful art unfolding at the same time. It is turning out to be almost a symphony.... A very special piece of music that reaches up into the heavens above and deep into the soul. The notes are so strong, powerful and mix so divinely, they take my breath away. If you can get access to it, locate the CD "Celine: These Are Special Times" (1) It has 16 songs for the Holidays and listen to "Oh Holy NIght." When I listen to it and think of Gio and know she is very close to God and Mother Mary. Love life my friends here on Hadit. Touch somebody you love and share a special moment these holidays. Josh I feel much better now thank you.... I hope you do too. Bless all here. 1. www.epicrecords.com 7464-69523
  7. Thank you ever so much Berta for your comment regarding Gio. FYI I returned to the US about 3 weeks ago after 13 years living in Colombia and I now am repeatedly go through one after the other waves of feelings like I am wandering in a dreamscape. I have been away for so long Berta that I do not even know what "goodies" I have archived here on Hadit during that time. Before leaving there, I burned all the paperwork accumulated while in Colombia but brought back 5 hard drives I saved over the years. I would like to transfer that information but do not want to hook those drives to my new system here. The info is retrievable, I will just need to track down a service to retrieve it this coming year. Additionally, I have all Gio and I's photos on those drives so absolutely must retrieve that data. Shyne-I, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am working on moving forward at this point and breaking out of the haze. Josh (El Gringo) Imagine, I was given this nickname there years ago.... Home so good to be home.... so good.
  8. Thank you to all those who wrote. Berta all the time there was no doubt a horrible error had occurred. When you have an HMO break into your home, steal your medical records, change them, and put them back, what are you to do? My own family did not even believe me. When I confronted the HMO, they laughed, and ask "Did you call the police?" All I could think of was how they wanted me to end it PERMANENTLY! They were pushed for time and goofed in several places during the records revamp. Unfortunately, none of that information was important to the claim. Is there significant damage? Too much to imagine. I talked with the PVA Staff Attorney who supported me during the latter stages of this claim and she promised me they will do all they can to get the max of the max possible. Both of us believe that they will bring me in for an Exam and I do not have a problem with that, There are multiple damaged areas just don't want them cherry picking what they want. I am looking for minimal 100% plus SMC (O) and that would be giving them a big break. I don't want to fight anymore. I physically hurt too much and Gio is no longer here with me. I just want to lay down like an old dog. Throw me that bone, I'll chew on it for awhile while listening to Soundscapes wishing for Gio to visit me in my dreams yet another time...She will ....
  9. November 6th my 1151 claim was approved. I have attached jpeg images of the decision papers. This paper says nothing about what truly happened in this case. This has been a movie material journey. Truth is stranger than fiction no doubt. There are things I cannot tell you as you would think I had gone over the edge.
  10. All I need to do now Carlie is to figure out how to get an image here. Possibly that is not done any longer, I need to get to bed Carlie. Gio visits me in my dreams Carlie,,,,,,, We talk until I ask dumb questions like "Sweety Bee where have you been?" and then she flutters off like sparkles of silver dust in a double S S pattern. She is with Mother Mary and God I am totally sure. I am not as scared as I was about death....Gio will hold my hand when it is my time to go. I miss her dearly Carlie.... Much love to all Gio taught me to love with the heart and soul. She touched people all over the world. I bet I could find a Hadit member who knew who she was OR knows somebody who knows who she was.
  11. Carlie it has been so long since I have been here or even online that I do not know how to get to the PM section.
  12. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=google+maps&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF-8&ei=0-iWUrP7HYXJkAeLmYGICw&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAg use Google maps This is the Front gate of Shalimar. The Two Black Lines on the Gate are in remembrance of Giovanna. I sold the farm soon after this photo which is why you see "Se Vende" on the front.
  13. Look for Turbaco, Colombia... Leaving turbaco is a road that goes to Turbana. Amazingbut the last time I checked Google Earth had gone down the road.
  14. Thank you for the welcome back Infantry10 and gp747, Colombia and other countries are there for you to "explore" should you wish to do so but I would not reccommend it doing it on your own w/o a local one of the opposite sex to work together with the locals. Me, I was luckybeyond belief to have met my dearest Giovanna. She was a girl who had seen the world and I backed her 100%. I loved and will always have her deep in my heart. You may think this next part odd but I have had dreams with her and I talking that I could not distinquish from reality. The last time was just days ago. I remember being so glad to see her. We were in the kitchen talking and the moment I looked into her eyes and ask "Oh Sweety Bee, Where oh where have you been? I have been looking everywhere for you?" Suddenly, what I saw was a lightening speed trail of glistening silver starlike particles forming a double "SS" moving away from me at what seemed light speed. It was as though I was supposed to know where she had been and what a silly question from this man of hers. Of course, she has seen the face of God and I can only imagine, Oh Sweety Bee, I will forever love you,
  15. When you live on a "farm" outside of the "civilized territories" of Cartagena and the like, and your Colombian wife of years has recently passed on, you are money compared to the vast majority. So to answer your question, Colombia is safe where you would expect it to be safe. Large cities and the like but the outback farmlands a target. Especially if single, and not known. My wife and I were well known, however, upon her passing, returning to the farm I found much had "disappeared" and there were no ghosts at Shalimar. Josh
  16. I saw your reply Carlie and broke down,, I have truly missed my friends here. Was cut off for so so long. ((((((((((((Hadit crew))))))))) my love and caring goes out to all of you.
  17. Hi Carlie, This is Josh who was out of the country for the last 13 years living in Colombia. So much has happened in the last two years, I had to return to my home here in the US. My dearest Giovanna who brought me there to get the antibiotics I needed to live, developed cancer 5 years ago and passed away Aug 27, 2012. I was as you can truly believe, I was totally shattered with her loss. She saved my life and I could do nothing to save her. I miss her beyond belief and know she was my timing gear. After 1.5 years living alone there on the farm without her, as a disabled "Veterano Gringo" I could do it no more. I was becoming a larger and larger target as the days slipped by, I just had to return. Oddly enough, two days after I returned, (Nov. 6th 2013), I recieved formal notification that my 1151 claim had been finally approved. I have the decision but have no idea how to interpret the information it contains. Hmmm,,,let me restate that. I can read it but what does it all mean, I no clue. I am sure of one thing, I have be awarded minimum 10 years retro, 100% total and permanent... I would like for you and Berta to check out the wording if at all possible, but do not ant to "openly" post it for all to read at least not without editting first. I need to blank out the private info I think. Name, SSN etc. I hope you and the crew here are well Carlie. Take ever so much care.... Josh
  18. Greetings once more to my Hadit friends. Been lost in the paperwork trail Jungle for quite a while now and finally I've poked up my head. The last information I posted was the VA doctors answering my claim. I was horribly upset and lost my vision for awhile. Very lucky I was to leave the VFW and choose the PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America) team. I am getting ready to submit my final reply and am very confident in the upcoming reply.
  19. this is a test dddddddfdf size changed to 4 :cool:
  20. Hey stretch I just tring to keep cool under alot of tension....

  21. I actually start shaking when trying to put these papers together

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    2. Josh


      Carlie they make me look like I am a psycotic fool and they know I hatr that... Oh Carlie they scare the living mierda out of me I somehow neeed to channel that fear Carlie and I hate to admit it......Carlie do you think I am lying to you when I say my apartment was broken into?

    3. Josh


      Carlie this time Kaiser Permanentee went way too far...I went to an attorney in Boulder and it turned out he was good buddies with the group that made the error

    4. Josh


      I kidf you not, they actually went in got the Records.... Shit I must have scared the shit out of em

  22. Carlie AFTER WHAT HAPPENED to others and me, there was an investigation by Forrest Sawyer of 60 Minutes CBS . At that point I was laid out in a Nursing home and never had contact with anybody. My Dad actually ask if I wanted to use the last funds I had in my account to buy a F'n Cometary Plot................. Noooooooooooooooooooo
  23. Carlie AFTER WHAT HAPPENED to me, there was an investigation by Forrest Sawyer of 60 Minutes CBS . At that point I was laid out in a Nursing home and never had contact with anybody. My Dad actually ask if I wanted to use the last funds I had in my account to buy a F'n Cometary Plot................. Noooooooooooooooooooo
  24. Thanks Carlie..... My mind is flying in circles to get what is MOST important when sending in information. You were well aware this was a cerebral infection that went wild and was left untreated for years. What really hurt is for them to keep knocking at my character making it appear I was a drug crazed fool. Nooooooooot! Note I have many many docs that support this diagnosis and I am supposed to believe the Docs NEVER put 2 and 2 together. Rediculous They knew or they would never have broken into my apartment and altered the records!
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