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  1. Was it done at VA hospital or a third party??? Third party C&P exams are tricky time frames. VA hospital exams are done the next day from my experience. I had one done at VA hospital following week had a decision. Third party did one of mine and took three weeks. Another third party din one and it took two days. Just my experience.
  2. Hello and don't give up. Did you request a higher level review with a phone call??? Supplemental evidence gets looked over and goes back to the same rater most of the time. They see your name and if it's not something that's going to sway them or even a little bit in your favor it's going to get denied. I had same thing happen to me two more pieces of evidence submitted with my supplemental and they didn't write it down in the denial letter. A week apart. Just out of curiosity did the denial letter say " evidence submitted isn't relevant" . Also check your decision letter and go over all th
  3. Today it shows OCT 29th VA received your information. Two weeks later??? Movement is good. I always use a VSO for all claims so I haven't had any issues with VA getting my records in the past. Just a duplicate request this time. That's reason for question. The claim actually moved at warp speed this time as opposed to past claims. Past claims had C&P exam then within a week or two had a decision. Had a C&P exam on a Monday once and on Friday had decision. Fast. I can say the process has been faster in past 5 years than prior years. Thanks for responding. I usually check up on a
  4. Thanks I already did the resubmittal. Moving on as you said. Some VA claims are on spot then others are a cluster. Nothing ever is consistent with the VA except you know it's going to go bad at some point. Sorry to say...
  5. Submitted a claim for I/U had three C&P exams back in the beginning of September and now waiting (as usual). Each week the VA keeps requesting more forms from me via VA.GOV and ebenefits , 4192, 4142 and 4142a, medical records from providers dates and addresses. I submitted all these requesting documents when I submitted the FDC claim (over 100 pages) The VA has all the same documents . VSO even questioned the requests. Question I have is why request the information that I already submitted and filled out properly and they have copies??? Will they see after I submitted duplicated docu
  6. Thank you Berta for responding. Yes I do have a letter from the HLR but in the decision part reads they have identified an error and will correct it. DTA was found and VA will take steps to correct it. The caller kept saying a DTA was found and pointed out the evidence I pointed out earlier. A doctors exam and an incident report wasn't included in the decision or denials. I pointed them out to them that they missed this evidence in a Supplemental claim and they still denied me. From the dates of the exams and incident report given to the VA intake center for the evidence it overlapped the dat
  7. The contractor(VES) said today the VA requested same doctor and that is the way it is right now. I called VA and they gave me a different answer saying VA didn't do this to my claim. WOW. I'm just going to wait and see because VES already knows about my not wanting the same doctor and want another one before the VES IMO is submitted to the VA. Hope this doesn't get personal like others have said on posts. I have no problem if VES gives it to same doctor just as long as the doctor writes the facts and no be biased towards veterans. Years ago when all VA C&P exams were done at VA hospita
  8. Here is my question: Has anyone had a C&P exam, doctor writes an unfavorable opinion about your condition and you get denied service connection. Next you turn in a supplemental claim they deny that new evidence. Next you go to a higher level of review and VA finds error and then sends you a letter telling you this occurred during the claim process. Now today VES the third party contractor for VA currently doing C&P exams with their pool of doctors. Low and behold the same doctor who wrote me a negative opinion last time is scheduled to a new exam. I'm really feeling uneasy about seeing
  9. I waited this long and seems like a never ending saga for the claims process these days. If they found an error why can't they just correct it and move on to the next claim? That's what I thought the HLR was suppose to be. I don't mind another C&P exam because nothing changes on the evidence they already have in the claim folder. I can say this about the process so far that if you haven't put many claims in over the years then when you do it becomes frustrating.
  10. I just received a letter from the decision review operation center. What does it really mean? Service connected or not? Decision: A duty to assist error has been identified during the Higher Level Review for sleep apnea. Reasons for Decision: The issue of sleep apnea was returned for correction of a duty to assist error in the prior decision. We failed to get an examinations and or medical opinions. We will develop for new medical opinions. The claimed primary disabilities are service connected disabilities. The evidence shows that a qualifying event injury or disease
  11. I called the VA today and person told me VA made a decision yesterday and will be mailing a decision to you soon. VA.gov is unchanged and so is Ebenefits. Higher level review is different from other appeals person told me.
  12. That surely explains the options leading up to the call. Now the call is over and now I have to wait it out.
  13. Your right on "channel my claim" I wish I knew what the person meant. The person was at RO in Minnesota and gave me a number to call in St Petersburg FL the day before in a message to schedule the call because I missed the call the first day. The very next day the call came in from Minnesota again, I answered and we went over my HLR call. Just to give everyone a heads up write down what you want to say and make sure to point out the reason for upgrade or service connection. By now we should all have these things memorized but good to have notes. If they have to schedule a new C&P exam d
  14. I just had my phone call from HLR person last week (not the same office who did the denial) . I'm seeking service connection for sleep apnea as a secondary condition. I have everything documented EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING. My question is about the phone call experience. I was suppose to have it with my representative present but this wasn't the case due to DAV office being in-operational. So I had it and was asked for the reason of my seeking service connection. I explained my side and the person conducting the call agreed and also pointed out evidence that was over looked and not writte
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