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  1. Just saw backpay in my account. From the time of my last C&P to getting 100% was 6 days. It took 4 days after that to get backpay. This included them paying the lawyer we used. The process of waiting seemed like FOREVER! But when they found their mistake they fixed it quick. PTSD denied in 2015, denied again in 2018...started fighting for it...and won!!!!!!
  2. Just got off the phone with the attorney. She informed us that the file has been updated and I was awarded 30% for PTSD and still denied for Major Depressive disorder. She also showed that my dependents would get the education benefits. She told me that I made the 100% mark but they haven't gotten the official letter yet. Thank GOD!!!! It only took 2 and a half years! Well.....5 years if you count the first time I got denied and didn't think to fight it. This was without adding any additional information for the C&P and just answering the questions.
  3. Next C&P is on Friday for PTSD and Depression. I just found the news article that backs up the account of an incident that occurred when I was in Afghanistan and our base was under attack. I also printed out when our convoy struck an anti tank mine. I printed out all the records of the VA Psychologists and their diagnosis of PTSD notes from the last 6 years. Is there anything else I can do to prepare?
  4. I just got the letter from the VA. Here is what they said: A duty to assist error has been identified during the Higher Level review for posttraumatic stress disorder. Reasons for decision: 1. Higher level Review for posttraumatic stress disorder. The issue of posttraumatic stress disorder was returned for correction of a duty to assist error in the prior decision. We failed to get an examination and/or medical opinion. We will develop for examination with medical opinion: Favorable findings identified in this decision: You have been diagnosed with a disabilit
  5. As soon as I am able to scan it in I will attach the denial. I just checked VA.gov again and it’s reopened with “The Veterans Benefits Administration is correcting an error”. I found this website https://archive.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=29548 to show when the rocket hit the base. During that time I was a jet mech on the flight line doing a TA. I am working on getting buddy letters now. I’m not sure I can submit them during the HLR though. It says no new evidence is to be submitted. Thank you guys so much for all the answers. It has been so helpful reading everything.
  6. The VA has my service records that show 3 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. During that time the base I was at was bombed and the convoy I was in ran over an IED. These are documented but I don't have a buddy letter so that is my next step. It just finished higher level appeal. I haven't gotten that letter yet but I haven't seen a change in EBenefits so I am assuming it was denied again.
  7. The PTSD was denied and has no rating. I have 90% from other factors. The denial showed that it was “less likely than not caused by an inService stressor event”. However in all the documents given, it shows the events that led to this. Because I didn’t want to lose my clearance when I was in the service, I didn’t start getting treated for night terrors or any of the many symptoms of PTSD until after I got out.
  8. I am currently at a 90% rating and have been fighting the appeal status for a PTSD rating for the last few years. I just saw that my Higher Level Review was closed yesterday with no change to my E-Benefits. What I am struggling with is that they have PTSD described in my disabilities and classify it as "Not service Related" but the "Related to" section it shows PTSD-Combat. How can I have PTSD from COMBAT that came from incidents that happened while I was in COMBAT but its NOT service related!!!! I have over 500 pages from my VA Psychologist showing that I have PTSD and they still denied i
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