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  1. Instead of answering in this thread, please answer this thread in the IMO forum:
  2. I have ED (and I'm getting treatment for it) and I've considered getting a nexus letter to get it service-connected, secondary to other problems I have. But I don't have the money for a nexus letter. I was recently looking through my service treatment record and saw that I have a complaint of "erectile dysfunction". I do not see it listed as a diagnosis nor was I prescribed any treatment for it while in-service. Can I just put in a claim for direct service connection?
  3. Does anyone know if bruxism or TMJ can be SC secondary to sleep apnea? If so, how do I do that? Would a sleep doctor or dentist need to write a letter?
  4. My vocational expert wants to use my yet-to-be created IMO but my IMO doc wants to use my yet-to-be created vocational assessment. What should I do?
  5. I was reading my VHA record and I one provider said that I had a good memory. This is not true and frankly I don't think she was qualified to offer that opinion in my record. The other involved another provider saying that I was not suffering from X (symptoms unrelated to his specialty). I don't know how he could have known this is he didn't ask me. Both of what these providers said could hurt my chances of getting an increase. How should I go about telling them that it's incorrect and I want it changed?
  6. Is there one RO that overwhelmingly grants all claims? I do know that some ROs are better than others for certain claims. I forgot where I read it but I thought I saw that the Los Angeles RO was the best RO for MST claims and that the Providence RO was the best for tinnitus. Does anyone have a list of these?
  7. I think that I have enough medical evidence for sizable increase but I don't know for sure or how to word my statement because the medical notes and tests are Greek to me. I don't want to ask my VHA provider to opine. Should I get an IMO? I know that it might be overkill. Or should I get another doc to fill out a DBQ?
  8. Where can I find the policy, regulation, or law that say this? I just feel that I don't have enough in my medical records right now to prove TDIU. VA did an RFE on me, then increased my rating, opened up an IU claim, and requested documents. All I gave them was the ITF. I did not submit a 21-8940 or anything else regarding TDIU. Thanks for your responses. They are always good.
  9. Would you please explain this more? I don't understand.
  10. I submitted an Intent to File (Form 21-0966) as part of a va.gov IU claim where VA requested TDIU forms. Instead of submitting those, I uploaded the Intent to File (I felt as if I did not have enough evidence to win TDIU at the time). The TDIU claim was denied later than month. I am considering abandoning my attempt to get TDIU because I am so close to 100% (schedular). I'd like to know if I can use that specific Intent to File for other claims. If so, how do I reference the original date?
  11. If a vet submitted an Intent to File during the pandemic can he get an extension? If so, how would he do that?
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