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  1. I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and parts of my face. Right now I am at 0%. Is there anything I should tell or show my dermatologist? I have long-ish hair (for a guy) to keep my flaky and inflamed scalp covered. Should I cut it short for the exams? My ketokonazal shampoo isn't working and I'm sometimes embarrassed to go outside because of it. Should I collect my large skin flakes to show to the doctor? Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone know how to file a Notice of Intent To File for TDIU?
  3. Does anyone know how to file a Notice of Intent To File for TDIU?
  4. No, I am not 100%. No, I do not work and haven't for over a year.
  5. I know that SSDI for SC disabilities means near automatic approval of TDIU but not the other way around. Does that mean that I should try to get SSDI first? If so, do you know of any good SSDI resources and forums? Thanks.
  6. Can I file an an Intent To File for TDIU to protect my effective date? Also, how can I do this without holding up my RFE decision? I really want to know ASAP.
  7. I just did an REF for MDD/GAD. VA.gov has a "IU (new)" claim and also a request for a TDUI application within 30 days. I'm a little miffed because I understood that the rating decision would have been made within weeks but now they estimate it to be in November. What are the ramifications of me not filing an application for TDIU now but possibly filing one down the road (months or years)? How can I tell the VA to forget about TDIU and hurry up with the rating? The anxiety is bothering me. I want to know if they will lower, keep the same, or increase my rating. I can't sleep.
  8. That would be great but IU aside, what do you think it means for my 50% rating the RFE was for?
  9. Thanks...that was my next question. I will have to look up Individual Unemployability as I'm not familiar with it. But does the VA adding IU mean anything for my RFE? I'm afraid of my rating me being lowered. 50% for MH and 80% total.
  10. I just did my RFE for MDD/GAD and this change on the va.gov web site occurred. What does "IU (New)" mean and why did it appear right after an RFE?
  11. A few years ago, at different times, I worked for two different local government employers. I got canned from both during my probationary periods for being overzealous at particular job aspects. I have a dx of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, rated at 50%, and I think I was so worried about doing my job that I went too far. My questions for you: will one or more Statements In Support Of Claim from former supervisors help me with my claim for a rating increase? Is overzealousness (not sure of the wording) a symptom of anxiety? How should I go about asking my former supervisors? I don't want them t
  12. I am scheduled to be reevaluated for my combined disabilities of Major Depressive Disorder/Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Overall, anxiety is my #1 problem, with depression being #2, in my life but for the past month or so, I have been overwhelmingly depressed. I'm afraid of looking stupid trying to explain how anxiety is ruining my life while presenting as a depressed person. I still have a lot of anxiety right now but depression is my current elephant in my room. Do I have anything to worry about in this respect? I'm currently rated 50% and this is a routine future examination.
  13. I don't think it was because VA gave me my rating two years before the PEB placed me on the PDRL. Btw, I just reviewed it and the PEB in 2016 put me on the PDRL because my MH condition was "unchanged" and had "not yet stabilized" since I was placed on the TDRL in 2014. I thought they had said the opposite... The official letter from the agency I was going to work for is vague, stating the job title and that the offer is withdrawn due to my failure to meet medical standards. I have an email from the agency's local medical officer clarifying that it was due to MH reasons, that my
  14. Should I upload the 2016 PEB decision as evidence of stability or bring it to my C&P exam? I am a little worried because my record does show periods of improvement, including the past year or so. However, I've been unemployed for over one year due to my SC disabilities and mental health-wise I've taken a turn for the worse in the past few months because a job that I had accepted an offer for disqualified me on mental health grounds.
  15. I was rated 50% for mental health and placed on the TDRL in 2014. In 2016, I was placed on the PDRL. Fast forward to 2020, the VA is reevaluating me. I heard that the VA shouldn't be doing this because they usually take a PEB's opinion on stability into consideration. Is that true? Should I upload the 2016 PEB decision as evidence in my favor or bring it to my C&P exam? Please advise. Thanks.
  16. If weight loss leads to OSA going away then wouldn't the rating go away as well? I am 50% and use my CPAP.
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