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  1. A good VSO can save you a ton of time. I asked around and found one that had a fairly good track record. I prepped the file for him and provided him all the info he needed. Our combined efforts resulted in a solid 80% on the first shot. I then submitted an intent to file and about 352 days later it struck me that we had not submitted the claim. He had forgotten as I had. The was my fault - it is my claim. It is your claim - never forget that. That claim moved me to 90% and a rejection of my ITF because I took to long to submit the claim. I appealed the 5 major items the VA didn't like
  2. broncovet - I am doing all of that. My rating date moved from May 2019 to May 2018. I have the insurance. The biggest lessons are: 1. Document every step on paper. 2. Read the rules and make sure you understand what you are asking for. 3. Be pleasant and be patient. You get no where being abrupt and angry to someone who believes they are doing their job. Lastly - I won the battle - but not the war. I will come back up when I see the money.
  3. 5 Months later and one very pleasant phone call - I won. I received a phone call from the VA higher authority (name excluded) early last week who listened to what I had to say and agreed with me. The date of the post mark was the crucial issue and as of this morning (12 DEC) the case is closed and my effective date has been moved back one year. It was handled out a Florida office (I am in Virginia). I made one phone call in late October to get status and received a letter that said wait - you are in the que. This also permits me to request a refund one year of property taxes.
  4. Scene setter - Retired Navy vet who left service with 40% SC in 1981 - Degenerative joint disease - cervical spine 30%, Hypertension with mild renal insufficiency 10%, sinusitis 10%, bilateral hearing loss 0%. At this moment the individual is in a nursing home with severe dementia (does not always recognize his wife), has COVID19 (asymptomatic) and has diagnosed severe kidney insufficiency moderate to severe. I found out he had VA disability and after 2 months finally got the wife to ask the VA for what his disabilities are. She has POA for him in all matters. How do we get him evaluated
  5. Good afternoon - I am currently 100% P&T (63 yrs old) and need to have surgery on my foot. I am 0% service connected for a bunion and 0% service connect for hammer toes. The pain is getting the better of me on this one. The doctor is going to operate doing the standard bone shortening/bunion removal/plantar repair on my foot. It is a civilian doctor performing the surgery - VA hospital is too far to put my wife through that hassle. I will be without a shoe and crutches for two months plus (limited to house for 30 days). Do I file this as a new claim or increased on earlier 0% servic
  6. @Vync Good Morning - I read through your research and this is one where the VA has stacked the deck by creating business units that are able to operate independently and work against the Vet (either by accident or intentionally). I do not believe that there is malice aforethought by the VA but some individuals may have been given a budget and told to stay inside the boundaries. It is one of those cases that requires outside intervention (either by a court or by Congressional action). I am going to apply (I am within my one year of receiving 100% P&T) and see what happens. If turned do
  7. I am 100% P&T and following this like a hawk. I would like nothing more than 10K in insurance funded under my status. However, the financial implications to the VA are large. 778K veterans are 100% - lets say 400K accept the new free insurance. That is $4 Billion dollars that they must plan for because they will have to pay it. The VA will fight this all the way.
  8. PACMANX1, FAT, and Buck52 - I submitted the appeal. I will keep all posted on the outcome. I went the appeal to higher authority route based on the single item - date of award. I also asked for the informal review. At that time I will provide the dates and tracking numbers if permitted. The letter documenting the postal chain and delivery chain is there ( I copied it out of EBenefits last night just to be sure I had a second copy) as it was provided to VA as soon as I say they did not honor the postmark. Now we wait.
  9. Buck - I checked and the letter I sent before the claim was completed pointing out their error is available on line in EBENEFITS! I have all the post office tracking information in that letter and it also shows up in the file VA.GOV. I have the receipt dates in which it was scanned into the VA system and the tracker they gave it. It was mailed overnight three days before ITF expired. They simply ignored it. I have submitted the appeal - now we have to wait for the outcome.
  10. Good Morning - I have reviewed the appeals process and it appears that the only way I can go about this is through an appeal to higher authority. I submitted a letter with documentation as a supplemental to my claim last May addressing the delay at the Post Office. They did not address the Post Office issue in the award letter which resulted in my moving from 80 to 90%. However - they had the information. By submitting the appeal to higher authority am I opening up the entire claim or just the issue of the award date? In my request to higher authority I am going to only address the award
  11. GB and Buck - Thank you - that one comment "is the juice worth the squeeze" is what was bothering me all along. It is not. I am fairly well beat up however I do not think it is worth the effort and COVID exposure to go back through exams again if they force the issue. I needed a sounding board and this helped. I am going to let sleeping dogs lie. As for secondary submissions on already granted disabilities - I will just keep them in ready reserve if ever needed or until I cannot physically work anymore. My experience with the VA (other than my own problem with the ITF and date) has b
  12. GB - I went to 80% on my first claim. Submitted a second claim that took me to 90%. I then appealed the first claim. The intent to file was on the claim that took me to 90%. When they came back and agreed to my appeal - the VA gave me back pay to the date of the 90% claim award for 100%. Essentially I did not get the year of backpay going from 90 to 100% based on the date the VA shows for submission of the second claim - by the one day it sat in the mailbox in Janesville. The question is - am I opening Pandora's box by submitting this appeal or because I am P&T I will not get pushed
  13. I need a sanity check... I filed my first VA claim after being out of the service for over 20 years and was awarded 80% from the day I filed. I then followed up with another claim that moved me to 90%. In the mean time I appealed the denials from the first claim. I am now 100% P&T (I am 63). I have my good days and bad days but I am not going to complain. This is my issue - I submitted an intent to file on the second claim and submitted it by overnight mail and can prove that it arrived and was ready for pickup on the morning of May 29th of last year. That is the day my Intent to Fi
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