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  1. I've already got my Congressman on this also, but VA is just telling him the same thing. Waiting on JSRRC
  2. I've be waiting on VA since my C&P exam on a Higher Level Review since August for Records request from JSRRC. What, if any is the longest they can hold up my claim with this records request?
  3. Ok, with that being said, are we talking next year or longer? It's bull$hit
  4. Ok, 25th of Oct was 60 days for records request, and they have pushed it out until 25th of Nov. What is going on.
  5. I have pics of me at the stressor, plus book about my unit in Iraq that the pic is from. I'm the first guy in the pic Blue Falcons Strike Iraq 1991.pdf
  6. I've tried twice to get my service records from NPRC, and both times was told that they didn't have them. My DBQ's for MDD and PTSD look good from 2010 PSTD stressor guild lines.
  7. So if NPRC can't find the records, the claim is reviewed with the records the VA has?
  8. How long can the VA hold up a Claim, if they are requesting records. Is there a limit on the number of times they can make the same request, before they are forced to go with the info they have?
  9. The error was a bad C&P for PTSD and MDD. that's all I know.
  10. I had a higher level review, in July which errors where found. I had a new C&P on August 7th. I was told they are waiting on records. My question is long long can they drag out a records request? They should have my records since this is just correcting errors.
  11. Thank you, one of the stressors was the protest about us pulling out of Iraq. The book was about my units mission in Iraq. My squad was at the bridge when the protested started and we where there all day, watching kurds running their hands back and forth over the razor wire, plus other things that I want talk about.
  12. Yes ma'am, they have a copy of the pictures. They also have the book in 7 or 8 base libraries, or schools. The Blue Falcons strike. The protest where on July 13th or 14th. I'm the first one in the picture Blue Falcons Strike Iraq 1991.pdf
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