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  1. Thank you, one of the stressors was the protest about us pulling out of Iraq. The book was about my units mission in Iraq. My squad was at the bridge when the protested started and we where there all day, watching kurds running their hands back and forth over the razor wire, plus other things that I want talk about.
  2. Yes ma'am, they have a copy of the pictures. They also have the book in 7 or 8 base libraries, or schools. The Blue Falcons strike. The protest where on July 13th or 14th. I'm the first one in the picture Blue Falcons Strike Iraq 1991.pdf
  3. The other dbq was for major depressive disorder, same boxes where checked on that one as well. What does inferred the SMC S mean? Bigger check than 100%? So we don't have to be married for me to add her
  4. Does anyone know, how long it is taking for the VA to get service records, since we are in the middle of covid-19? It is part of the VA's DTA on my higher level review.
  5. Thank you. I have Major depressive disorder, and chronic adjustment disorder, plus the ptsd
  6. Ok, I got copy of C&P looks like 100%. They are doing stressor verification now. I'm already service connected for tinnitus. In the C&P for major depressive disorder it states, Medical diagnoses relevant to the understanding or management of the mental disorder, tinnitus, chronic pain. What does that mean? Is that stating service connection because of tinnitus?
  7. How long are these request taking at this time? Week, Month?
  8. I have pictures of the stressor, One of the pics has me in it
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