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  1. Thanks to everyone that took the time to talk to me about my claim. It's good to know I have fellow Veterans that have my back
  2. That's why I'm stuck between waiting on VA JSRRC records or having them process with what they have
  3. The letter also states they have my service personal records
  4. When I had call for Higher level review, I was told it looked like when claim was denied that they didn't even look at my treatment records from VA PTSD clinic, and I told her how badly the C&P exam doctor treated me.
  5. I had a bad C&P from private doctor contracted by VA that was reported by a few veterans
  6. That's what gets me. I can't give new evidence but VA can request more.
  7. Thank you denied Feb 2020 HLR started may, origional claim date Feb 2019
  8. So should I ask VA to process my claim with what they have? The have my military personal file also
  9. By 2010 PTSD rules they should not even need to confirm stressor
  10. What more could they possible need. It blows my mind
  11. I'm the first guy in second picture Kurd protest.pdf Blue Falcons Strike Iraq 1991.pdf
  12. The protest was on July 13th 1991 in Northern Iraq on bridge at Turkish border. They have pics of my at the stressor, plus book of my unit in Northern Iraq. They have news paper stories of the stressor I upload from Stars and stripes
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