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  1. Hey guys, another question. I'm going after Sleep Apnea again this time through secondary claim from PTSD. Probably should have done it this way to begin with. Rated at 30% for PTSD but going for an increase on that too. Am I wasting my time?
  2. Good day folk. Hope everyone is having a good day. I’m not! Just went into my E-Benefits page a found out that My claims for Sleep Apnea and my Back conditions among other things was Denied! I’m currently rated at 40% right now with 10% Tinnitus, 30% PTSD. I did 9 ½ years active duty with a trip to afghan in 2009 and finished my service in the reserves in 2019. I believe I know where I went wrong with the Sleep Apnea by not filing it as a secondary. I’ve done a sleep study with the V.A recently and it came by that I have it. They have issued me a machine for my breathing. The only issue
  3. pacmanx1, thank everyone for their responses! I haven't been rated yet. The V.A isn't charging me for any meds and have scheduled me for back therapy. That's why I was curious as to whether I was going to be granted disability for my back. They say that my case should be decided by 13th of September.
  4. Good afternoon, Have a question regarding PTSD. I was rated at 30% for it about 7 months ago. I think I should have been rated higher, but who cares what I think.... My question is I was offered counseling by a V.A doctor, but I have yet to take them up on it. Does this hurt me because I'm going to put in for an increase in the next few months. Should I take them up on this offer? Bonus Question, should I appeal the first decision or just apply for an increase? Thanks in advance!
  5. If the V.A. is issuing you medication, let's just say it's for back pain, does that mean your about to when your claim? Sorry guys about the initial post. Thanks for those that have answered!
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