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  1. Sept I went for C@P exam of my lower back, I had fusion done to me from L4 to S1. While I was at exam I had back brace on, and I was 10 weeks out of surgery. The doctor I had ex Air Force doc. He did not do a range of motion test due to the fact I was 10 weeks post op. Will this effect my rating? Before this I had a rating of 20 percent Lumbar, and 10 percent for each leg. I am still really messed up, I trip a lot, and now I walk with a limp, still have pain. I also can't move my toes or ankle very well any more, and now I have bladder problems, any ideas from anyone, or insight? Thank
  2. Hay Brother I feel your pain, I just went currently back in July this year had fusion of L4 to S1 and I had C@P exam in Sept still in a holding pattern waiting for decision. I have degenerative disc disease rated at 20 percent, and 10 percent each leg, plus 0 for surgery scar. As for the fusion part I can not bend at waist anymore, not that I had a lot of movement before surgery. Currently I do have a lot more pain in rt leg from surgery and foot drop, but on the up side my back pain is more manageable. I hope this help you. Ken
  3. Good day all, I have a question for you, BVA granted my claim in Feb 2020 for degenerative disc disease. In July of 2020 I went and had Lumbar Fusion from L4 to S1. I put in a claim to increase my rate because my conditions have gotten worst. I put in for 100 percent temporary for recouping from surgery. I also put in for increase in Lumbar degenerative disease, for scar from surgery, and last for Rt leg Radiculopathy. Now my question is if these are granted, would back pay go back to Feb, 2002 or July 2020 when I applied? Currently
  4. Good morning received letter from VA I was denied my claim for cervical fusion. First I am at 20 percent Lumbar degenerative disc disease, and 10 percent for each leg Radiculopathy. I was a crew chief on CH46 helicopter with about 2000 hrs of flying and at least 500 hrs on Nvg's I has denied no service connection, even when I supplied case studies from the Army and Navy on neck pain and shoulder pain from wearing NVGs for period of time. Second I prouder two letters from two different doctors that my current problem is due to military life. C@P exam lasted only 15 mins and that person said I
  5. In Sept I had c@p exam for rate increase on lower Lumbar. On July this year I had lower lumbar fusion for 3 disc. So at the exam the Doctor looked at my scar on back, and at my legs, he did not take any reading of ROM measurements, because he stated I am not supposed to bend or twist my back. So now I wonder how the Rater will look at this, Yes it is service connected disability. Has this ever happen to anyone else if so what's your story for insight for me. Thank you Ken
  6. Good afternoon to every one, my question as follows after c@p exam completed how much long will it be to get answer will it take to get up or down? Does it usually take 6 months to get 100 percent temp disability for surgery? I had back surgery back in July and I am still waiting, yes it is service connected, Thanks Ken
  7. th175 for that article you have to down load it and scan it into you claim, since you flew Blackhawks I take it you also flew with NVG's? There are articles in Navy Times that will help your case. Have to do you home work, I flew Ch46's Ken
  8. I don't know what you flew, but if you flew helicopters there is some studies both by the Army and the Navy stating how bad the vibration and seating in helicopter that is bad for your back and neck. If you used NVG's there are studies again in both Army and Navy how much stress that is put on your back, and neck. I know. There are also statements that will say pilots and aircrews will not go to medical help in fear of loosing flight status and loss of money. Ken
  9. Yesterday, the VA from South Dakota called me, by the way I live in Northeast, to ask me if I went to my last C@P exam with QTC which I did, He told me, he is looking for that information so they can finish my Cervical spine fusion claim, has this happen to anyone else? Ken
  10. I have been waiting for C@P exam for a while, I called the VA and they told me to QTC. When I called QTC about scheduling my exam they told me there is only one physician with in a 100 miles of me, and they have to call them to see what is is open. Of coarse QTC had to leave message to the physician for call back, QTC asked me to call back in a week. Which I did, same thing happen, oh ya week three same thing. I call the VA and asked them if this is normal. one physician in 100 miles and I live in Boston, and the physician must not need the work because of no call backs. Has any one had this
  11. After making a written request for a copy of my C@P exam, usually how long does it take to receive a copy. Thanks Ken
  12. Good morning, I have a question, When I was little I had asthma, and it went a way when I was a 10 or so, I joined the Marines and said nothing. And I was good for my 9 yrs I gave them. I was helicopter mechanic/crewchief for my time in, I worked with Jp4,5,and 7. Jet fuel exhaust was a daily event for us. Plus other chemicals. When I was in my mid 40's asthma came back. Really bad. So I don't know if the jet fuel was the tigger to restart my asthma or not, should I put in a VA claim or not. I am pretty stand up guy have no idea what to do. Ken
  13. Good morning I am going for c@p exam next for cervical spine, I ended up with level 3 fusion in my neck, my question is this I have my pilot log book of my hours that I flew and my NATOP jacket, and my training jacket, should I bring those with me, and along with pictures of what I was flying because CH 46 helicopter is no longer in service. Please not I was not a pilot I was helicopter mechanic and crew chief with more than 2000 hrs flying. I also found Navy and Army study that states about NVG's with neck pain, and vibration was bad for you, along with the seating. Thanks Ken
  14. I was awarded 20 percent disability for Lumbar disc degeneration, and I had surgery last month for lumbar fusion, I have put in for temp 100 percent disability its been more than 30 days, so any one have any ideas how long it takes to be approved. I sent in letter from surgeon, and operation report. Thanks Ken
  15. BVA awarded my lower back injury as in service, but 3 yrs later I needed surgery for my lower back, so I place a claim for rate increase. (Lower back fusion L3-to S1) in this rate increase claim, will they have that same information I had in my c-file when the BVA awarded my case? Thank Ken
  16. Good day, I received 20 percent disability for lumbar disc problems and 10 percent for each leg for total of 40 percent, I recently had to lumbar fusion of several levels. Trying to figure out what forms I need to fill out. Called VA three times got three different answers. So I started new claim for increase to my current disability’s. What do you do for temp disability as for what forms you fill out? Thanks for any information you can pass my way. Ken
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