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  1. I had some psa tests over the last several months. I was formerly holding at about 3.8-4.0 then I had some in the 6’s and my pcp sent me to a urologist for a pre-surgical counseling. Scares the crap out of me! I’m 61 and retired 7 years ago and have been pretty sedentary. I went straight out and joined a fitness place. I’ve lost a few pounds in the first two weeks and am now at 222 at close to 6’ tall. I probably need to get down to 180 but I’m sure someone looking at those BMI charts would say something like 155. Never liked those. At 40 I was on a health kick and was under 5% body
  2. That's a shame, Tex! They rated me at 0% on my first visit in '78. It was 9 years later before I met a friendly VA rep who had a kid on my football team and was a friend of my principal. He told me that was pretty standard and that I should've gone back right away. He got me an appointment and I got a rating. Do you do your own paperwork? I once met a rep who believed that 20% was fair for ANY hearing loss, so the people who trusted him were getting a 20% rating because that's what he requested in the paperwork he submitted. It helps to get a copy of your test results and compare the
  3. I described mine. I also referenced some articles by experts, at least one from someone employed by VA medical. One said "tinnitus is a problem if the person feels it is a problem" or words to that effect. As far as I know there is no actual test for it.
  4. I recently got a notice from Kaiser showing that they paid a bill VA sent them.
  5. My wife still works for USPS and could get insurance at the next open season if something happened to me in the next 8 years. Wish she didn't have to wait 10 years from my 100% rating to get survivors benefits. First marriage for both of us, 32 years, only kids are the 3 we had together. I didn't have the foresight to get VA life insurance and won't have the chance again. I do have it through USPS. It went up as a retiree and will diminish over the years.
  6. My youngest is turning 26 soon. I was awarded 100% P&T 2 years ago. I retired from the post office 1 year ago. My wife now has CHAMPVA. I always carried Kaiser Permanente insurance through the union I kept the same insurance after retirement at a big increase in monthly premiums...and it has gone up again recently. When I use VA care they bill Kaiser. I want to drop the Kaiser insurance. I want to make sure that it's okay. I was wondering if there was some stipulation that I had to keep what I had to defray VA's costs. Does anyone know, or know who to check with?
  7. Thanks, 63 Sierra. It's worth a try.
  8. I am 55 and 100% P&T in Philomath, Oregon. Since my retirement from USPS a year ago I have been pretty sedentary. I'm making plans to do something about it before my health gets worse. I have developed a problem with a shoulder and yesterdays mail brought the fee basis letter for physical therapy. I am wondering if any health clubs give a discount. We have a few national ones nearby, including one that is open 24/7 just a few blocks from me. Thanks, Gary
  9. I am 100% P&T. A large part of that is my 70% rating for HL. I also have the 10% tinnitus and 10% otitis externa ratings.
  10. I am retired now and am low man on the totem pole when someone needs our second vehicle. I generally roll with it as the reasoning is sound. My daughter-in-law just gave birth on the 15th. We let them use a car during the late stages of the pregnancy because my son had to be at work. My oldest daughter and family flew in for the holidays and are staying in the next town with the in-laws. My wife promised them my vehicle during their stay. I injured my shoulder avout 6 weeks ago. I initially thought it might get better on its own but no such luck. I was hesitant to make a VA appt. not knowin
  11. don't put that equipment on ebay if the VA provided it! If I remember correctly it is still their property! It is important that you are SC for hearing loss. It is unfortunately likely that it will get worse with age and the rating will increase, mine has over 34 years.
  12. I got word of my increase to 100% in February. The Postal Service was already talking about all the issues currently ongoing, including early retirement. At the time I was logically unable to do disability retirement because obviously I could still report to work and do the same repititious job I've been doing for years. My processing facility has since been given notice that processing operations will cease May 19th and for the most part will close June 30th. Within the next 32 hours I need to bid on a newly posted job. There are positions for 56 people in my city and I am 55th on the list
  13. Free VA care is limited to wnat you are service connected for until you hit 50%. There and beyond you are covered for everything but dental. I have been over 50% a long time and have maintained my insurance through my employer and probably will now that I'm 100%. Factors for me include living 90 miles from the VAMC.
  14. I work with one of these "SEALS" and wish it didn't burn my butt so bad! Everybody falls for this guy and his facade. He long ago turned it on me, being buddies with supervisors who consider me the problem. I was notified that I would face dismissal for any conflict with him or words about him. I refer to him on vet forums as "SEAL T-shirt guy". He must have at least a couple hundred bucks worth plus camo pants, jungle boots, etc. The guy never served! Not a day! His father was career military and died long before he started this crap. I had many people argue that he was a SEAL. My other ni
  15. Take your meds and see your doctor! Most of the time they are just fulfilling their job requirements to ask you a few routine questions to see if you are taking the meds and if you perceive them to be helping or if you need a change or increase n your prescription. Go to the Vet Center if you want to talk. The psychiatrist is busy and will try to keep you exchange relevant to your treatment. Never miss an appointment! If there is a conflict then reschedule as soon as possible.
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