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  1. I had some psa tests over the last several months. I was formerly holding at about 3.8-4.0 then I had some in the 6’s and my pcp sent me to a urologist for a pre-surgical counseling. Scares the crap out of me! I’m 61 and retired 7 years ago and have been pretty sedentary. I went straight out and joined a fitness place. I’ve lost a few pounds in the first two weeks and am now at 222 at close to 6’ tall. I probably need to get down to 180 but I’m sure someone looking at those BMI charts would say something like 155. Never liked those. At 40 I was on a health kick and was under 5% body fat at 160. I also went out and bought some supplements. I got saw palmetto, lycopene, and turmeric. From reading here I guess I should get some cranberry pills, too. I have been on testosterone injections for a few years and the urologist suggested I lay off it awhile and have my psa tested again. I’m hopeful that it will do the trick. I have looked online a bit about prostate problems and solutions and none of it lookslike any fun. The urologist suggested a biopsy but I see that it may carry the same risk of severing a nerve and leaving me impotent. I see forums with people who have been through all this and they say not to get the surgery unless it is some robotic procedure. Does the VA do it that way?
  2. That's a shame, Tex! They rated me at 0% on my first visit in '78. It was 9 years later before I met a friendly VA rep who had a kid on my football team and was a friend of my principal. He told me that was pretty standard and that I should've gone back right away. He got me an appointment and I got a rating. Do you do your own paperwork? I once met a rep who believed that 20% was fair for ANY hearing loss, so the people who trusted him were getting a 20% rating because that's what he requested in the paperwork he submitted. It helps to get a copy of your test results and compare them to the table in the CFR.
  3. I described mine. I also referenced some articles by experts, at least one from someone employed by VA medical. One said "tinnitus is a problem if the person feels it is a problem" or words to that effect. As far as I know there is no actual test for it.
  4. I was going to post what brokensoldier posted. My son was on mine after I was rated 100%. I believe he was getting about a thousand a month 5 years or so ago.
  5. I've had all kinds of C & P docs. The worst was a an audiologist who was syrupy sweet to me beforehand, then went out of her way to be rude after it was over. I got a copy of the test later. At the highest frequency it must have been turned all the way up. I told her that I could feel the tubes vibrating but couldn't hear a thing. The record showed she marked me as having heard the tone at a reasonable volume and noted that she was not in favor of an increase. I requested another test and got an increase with a different audiologist. I had been increased years earlier, but not to the extent Ideserved. The audiologist said to respond "even if I think I hear something" and falsified the chart. Many years later the same guy checked me for otitis media. He was acting the S.O.B. from start to end and denied me. I filed an NOD and was approved. These two people struck me as thinking all vets were con artists looking for a handout and it was their job to stick it to us and save the VA some money. The rest of my examiners were very professional. Be aware that some of the attitude comes from higher up. When I moved to another state a VSO got red-faced and yelled at me when he found out I already had a 40% rating for hearing loss. He said hearing loss was 20% even if you're deaf. He told me not to be surprised if I was reduced to 20%. It made me wonder how many severely hearing impaired vets he had undermined by writing that they were requesting a 20% rating! I got help from another source that very day! Stoic is not necessarily bad. You might consider it professional, clinical and impartial and those can be the best. Good luck!
  6. It has been a few months now. Recently I asked about bloodwork and they had me drop in. They only took one vial instead of the few usually filled. They sent the results that only show that my prostate is well within the safe range. I had some good gains in the gym the first few months and had gotten to the point where I was no longer progressing.I had some extra motivation because we had a vacation coming up. Went back home and visited family and wanted to look good. A little while after getting back I just went back to the old me and not doing anything, so about 2 months since my last workout. I keep telling myself to get back to the gym. Haven't noticed any difference sexually. My PCP has not contacted me yet (another thing I was asking about when I e-mailed about bloodwork). The nurse that ordered the bloodwork renewed the prescription. I still balk a bit about sticking myself. When the nurse did the initial injection I didn't feel a thing. I always set out to dart it in there but end up just breaking the skin then slowly pushing it in. Doesn'r feel so good that way. I am surprised that it hasn't seemed to make any difference in my bellyfat. I thought testosterone worked on that. Part of the reason I wonder about the lack of improvement to my waistline is that I changed my intake so much. No Coca-Cola, as a matter of fact no carbonation or caffeine at all. No ice cream but a few frozen yogurts. I now only touch fast food when circumstances force me, and it is usually a healthy sandwich from Subway, a Chicken cantina power burrito from Taco Bell, and as a last resort a grilled chicken sandwich. Hardly ever ingest anything fried now. When on the road I often make a meal of a Jamba Juice smoothie with a protein boost. Still hoping at some point to even out the delivery. Maybe half the dose every week instead of every other week, patches, gel, anything with less peaks and valleys.
  7. Good advice. I didn't consider how many chemicals the people on the bodybuilder cycles had used. I can understand the side effects and trying to counter them with other things that bring their own side effects. The Erase Pro is still sealed. I was describing a side effect of my meds to a former PCP a few years ago and he said he could prescribe something for it. I thought that was great. Then he started to go over the side effects of that scrip and I said "No, I'll pass, no more side effects!"
  8. Gave myself my second injection of test cyp today. Still haven'the broken the seal on the Erase Pro. Still checking for info here and actually being more patient than I ever thought I would. I don't have a clue when the Dr. is going to evaluate any results and I don't want to foul the results or piss off the Dr. or make a mistake. I would say that I do feel better and that it fades some by the end of the 2 week period. Sure does make my quad sore at the injection site! Doesn't set in for a few hours but will probably last a few days like the first time.
  9. Thanks, k5one. Ithought it would be like that. My wife looked up from doing the taxes on April 14th and asked.
  10. I think I already know the answer to this but my wife wants me to ask. DHL took 2 of my grandsons away from one of my daughters. we have had them for years or so as foster parents. The state sends a check for their upkeep. Currently as 100% P&T my wife is my only dependent. Do foster kids count as dependents for VA Disability?
  11. While I am hoping to get in shape, I'm having trouble figuring out the bodybuilder stuff. They talk about using it as "post cycle therapy". I suppose that means after completing a few weeks of steroid use. In my case, I don'the think there is a comparable period. I thought an AI, or even the OTC stuff would be taken daily while I am receiving injections...right or wrong? I was out of town for the day and on my way back home I picked up a bottle of Erase Pro which I will ponder awhile before I consider actually taking one. I am wondering about follow up blood work. I don't know when my PCP will want me to have blood drawn again and if she will be checking anything beyond my prostate.
  12. They will order a product called Erase Pro which several bodybuilders seem to swear by. The prescription would surely work better, but don't I have to have a prescription to order on the link you posted? There are some other OTC's on the market but none held in such high regard as erase pro. Of course I found that I can buy it online for a little over half what GNC wants and the wait is probably about the same. I think I will be needing something. Today my workout was not as successful as the first 3, and my nips seem a bit touchy. Next injection is next Friday, then I'don't like to go to weekly and use an AI.
  13. Broncovet, I drink Mexican Cokes whenever I have the choice. The glass may make some difference, but the real difference is that down there they still make them with real cane sugar. To save money, ours is made with high fructose corn syrup. Funny thing. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the injections, but I have always had an extreme Coca-Cola addiction and would suffer through eliminateing it from my diet during short periods of training. I quit cold turkey without the withdrawal headaches when I got the first shot. No craving at all! In fact, I poured a little after a meal a couple days ago and it seemed to make my throat kind of raspy.
  14. So far so good. I feel better, not going back to bed after breakfast, getting good feedback from just 3 workouts so far. I went into a GNC and asked about an aromatase inhibitor and the guy had to research it. The company has one but it's 63 bucks for a 30 day supply. I'm still looking online. It would be worth that and more for something that keeps me on the up and up, avoiding slumps. One week since the injection tomorrow so I will see if I fall off. I definitely want to do the once a week injections, but if my Dr. says no, then where will I get the syringes and needles?
  15. Very informative, K9MAL, Is it legal to get an AI from India? I will be on watch for nipple itching/sensitivity. What length of time is typical for T shots to cause testicular atrophy? I'm guessing HCG is going to be by prescription and will be something to take up with my PCP?
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