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  1. Well I am happy for you on getting approved for your disability. It is a shame sometimes it takes a lawyer for them to grant it. Even through they have a job to do it is still money out of the vets pocket that is not necessary.
  2. Congratulations. What finally got you 100 percent? I have a few claims in now and hopefully they will get me there.
  3. Hello Everyone. I have had a 10 percent rating for GERD since 2013. I applied for an increase on 3 occasions but finally got a copy of my private medical records. I don’t think the VA ever did. I will submit a supplemental claim with new evidence. I had a endoscopy in 2013 and results came back I have chronic gastritis and my stomach is giving me serious problems. I don’t think that is mentioned in my SMR’s. So can I go SWA since am a combat veteran or as a secondary condition to something that is rated? Not trying to beat the system. If I can claim within the rules then I will do that. If th
  4. I called the 800 number and they emailed me a copy of my denial letter.
  5. They did not diagnose me with PTSD but called it GAD at 30 percent. I am blessed on getting any increase. I have submitted for sleep disorder but secondary to migraines. Three items were deferred( sleep disorder, neck pain, and FIBROMYALGIA). All secondary to migraines which is service connected at 50 percent. I am trying to get a PTSD exam through the VA because of the flashbacks, nightmares, sweats , and memory loss, and isolation. The percentage is not important as the right diagnose. I will work with VA to provide that and start working with a VSO, which I spoke to one today. Thanks for
  6. How would I get an IMO? I hope you the best on the back pay.
  7. Hello Everyone. Just looking for thoughts and opinions if you have time. I put in a claim for PTSD because I am having flashbacks, nightmares, and cannot sleep. So I filed a claim for PTSD. I submitted my eval documenting combat, received a CAR, submitted article where people got blown up, submitted duty assignment of Bahrain. I had a disability of adjustment disorder with anxiety at 10 percent. Now they have given me 30 percent and changed it to GAD. I know every case is different and both exams was by the same doctor. Have not received my letter yet. I think the doctor would like for me to
  8. Christie I am truly sorry about your father. Thank you very much for your opinion and I will think about what you said. If I had been diagnosed with diabetes before I retired or a year after I retired it would have been service connected. I do not have a family history of diabetes. If this is not service connected then I will move on and not tie up the system as you put it. You are correct in your statement about Vietnam VETS. But each VETS has different stories that I feel need to be respected and because one did not get the rating they should have. It does not mean a person who did should be
  9. I rater saw that I was prediabetic and stated that on my decision letter. My exam was basically a BS session without talking about my diabetes. I told her I was taking medicine since 2007.
  10. This is her rationale: While poor diet contributes to and/ or causes diabetes II. other causes include family history and lack of physical activity are a greater risk. Therefore the current condition is less likely than not caused by an in service event. illness. or injury. I started taking METFORMIN in 2007 until 2013. That is when I started taking insulin 4 times a day. I retired in 2011.
  11. The reason I am confused is that you read all the information and they give you different answers. On one law blog it says if you can prove chronicity and continuity of symptomatology. I have that with the with them giving me a qualifying condition for prediabetes. I was never obese and am not now. The examiner said it is less likely than not incurred or caused by military service. So I will get a VSO once the HLR review is over. Thank you for your response
  12. Thank you for responding. That is a question I cannot answer and I will do research to come up with one. I always thought if you had an illness or injury that started in service you could connect it somehow. A lot of people are getting compensation for DMII that are not Vietnam Vets. Maybe I should read up on it more. Thank you for your time.
  13. Hello Everyone. I have a question about getting approved for a diabetes claim. I was diagnosed with prediabetes in 2007 with METFORMIN and taking blood glucose 3 times a day. I was never diagnosed with diabetes until 2013 after I retired in 2011. I put in a supplemental claim and was denied in Jul 2020. They did give me the qualifying event of prediabetes and that I do have a disability of diabetes. I have a HLR in now but I feel they will disapprove it. How do I go about getting this service connected when they tell me I had symptoms of it 4 years before I retired. I am not understanding the
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