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  1. Thanks everyone. The resources and knowledge I learned from you all is more than I could ask for. I appreciate all of you and I am just happy to have it over with. Now I can focus on my treatment instead of worrying over finances. Again, thanks to you all.
  2. Thanks pacmanx1. Now I can focus on treatment instead of worrying over finances. I appreciate all of you.
  3. Another letter just updated. Looks like tdiu total and permanent. Thanks everyone.
  4. Had my c&p yesterday. Today va.gov shows claim still open and ebenefits shows same 70% ptsd with total of 80% because of other conditions. Same ratings as before. I did see a new commissary letter under letter generator that says 100% total and permanent. This disability is considered permanent and you are not scheduled for future examinations.Does this mean tdiu was granted or ptsd was bumped to 100%?
  5. Thanks pacmanx1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the lazy part. I don't mind writing another statement with the info, it just bugs me someone would stall my claim just for that when it's already been done and verified previously when I originally was granted the 70% ptsd. Thanks.
  6. Just an update. Now I'm completely confused. So I'm already rated 70% for ptsd. Submitted the tdiu claim went to the c&p in May, 70% ptsd continued and tdiu deferred. New c&p scheduled for September with different doctor and Friday I recieved a letter from VA asking me to provide details, date, place, location, etc of incidents that caused my ptsd so they can research it with JSRRC. This makes no sense at all. My stressors and incidents that caused ptsd were verified when I received my original rating for ptsd. Why would they want me to provide it again regarding a tdiu claim? Shouldn'
  7. I don't know. I confuse myself when I try to think about things. So I guess I'll leave it alone.
  8. Thanks pacmanx1. I do understand submitting claim for tdiu triggers new exams. I thought to be 100% ptsd you have to be unable to keep up with personal hygiene and stuff. While I do have almost daily suicidal ideations, panic attacks and the anxiety I do still take baths. Have no friends, don't speak to family and sure as hell don't won't to be around anyone. Haven't worked in two years that's why I submitted tdiu. Just confused about the new exam since I had one in may for the tdiu and they continued the ptsd at 70% but deferred the tdiu. Now back to doc I saw in Feb for my original ptsd clai
  9. Christie that's exactly what the VA said today when I called them. Just confuses me what they mean by "didn't address a few things" VA said they have been sending notes to LHI since Aug 6 to have the doctor who did the ptsd exam back in May to give clarification on a few things and wasn't getting an answer. VA sent a note yesterday Aug 20 again asking for clarification and LHI calls me today with a new exam appt with doc who did exam back in Feb. Just confusing.
  10. Hello all. First I would like to say the information here has been very helpful with me being able to understand the VA claim process. I've been a reader of this forum for a while have have learned a lot from reading all of the helpful information here. Thanks to all of you who help and guide us veterans. I was awarded 70% ptsd back in February to give me a total rating of 80% with other injuries I have. Had a ptsd c&p exam beginning of February and was awarded couple weeks later. In April I submitted a claim for tdiu and was sent to another ptsd c&p exam by a different doctor in
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