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  1. Deedub... what did your decision say on VA.gov?? MY HLR I submitted April 16th closed on September 3rd. "VA has a made a new decision"... But I have had crickets on everything... my letter/rating hasnt been updated for an increase on ebennies or VA.gov. My VSO doesnt see anything either (mainly because I think) my benefits letter still says 90% at no change. 11 days and no letter either. Let me know. Thanks
  2. Bronco - took me a hot minute but found the letter in Ebenefits. My letter says 90%. I did NOT try printing it (mainly because it says 90%).. I did have the option to print it though. Soooo... it just sucks, my Supp claimed closed on Aug 21st. Still no letter for that. And my HLR reviews closed on Sep 3rd. Nothing yet.. mail is slow.
  3. Bronco - Confused by this statement. I currently see my Benefits letter at 90% and pretty sure I can print it out. You are saying if I can "print" out this letter than I am 100%? I dont understand why the VA wouldn't want us to have this letter. This is on the VA.gov (disability letter link) website. All I can say is something's going on because even my Supplemtal Claim which was finalized/approved to get me to 90%, on August 21st, still hasnt hit my account... 15 days the VA says... lol. Okay. Maybe my Supp claim and HLR review wrecked havoc on there c
  4. Yes. I did check the disabilities list on EBENNIES. Nothing has changed. It has been 3 working days since HLR closed... I'm still at 90%. I understand waiting on the letter... I also called my VSO. On vacation.. lmaooo
  5. Bronco - You're talking about the Benefit Letter on Va.gov, correct? Right now it says I am 90% as of 1 September 2020. But like I said that was because my Supplemental Claim (Migraines) closed on August 21st. My HLR just closed on 3 September (According to VA.gov). Thanks D
  6. This is driving me Nuts... Its says "Va Has made a NEW decision". Please see your details for more information. There are no details. Good Job VA.gov... frustrating
  7. Thanks for the Reply Back.. , sitting at 90%. Just had a Supplemental Claim approved (August 21st), to get me to 90%. Now waiting on this HLR decision (fingers crossed).
  8. Need your all's opinion on this. Just had my HLR closed for 2 claims. - Originally Submitted on April 16th as an HLR. (not gonna back track the whole story with NODS/Supp claims for last 3 years). - Closed on September 3rd (Thursday before Labor day weekend). - Says VA "HAS MADE A NEW DECISION" - On details tab is says "Compensation Issue" for both Claims. - Nothing has been updated on EBennies and VA.gov sucks at giving any more details. - What do you all think? Thanks
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