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  1. Thanks for so very much explaining this for me. Also thanks to everyone else who had input in clarifying some thing for me. May I will move forward with my the scheduled C&P exam. So they can only examine things related to an EED. Thanks again.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good attorney. That would be really appreciated. I also want to add that when my 100% was granted, it stated that I was "permanent & total in nature ,with no future exam necessary", . What exactly does that mean? Thanks for your help!
  3. May I ask: Since I initiated the claim for the EED, do I have the right to just cancel the claim. I am 65 yrs old now, and don't really have anymore fight left. I know an EED can grant me more compensation. However, The struggle and risk of a reduction will out weight the benefit.
  4. So what type of C&P did they do since you also were requesting a EED? Did they only looked at VA medical records to deny or grant an EED? Did they do a complete a C&P exam to check your degree of disability? I they are actually planning to reexamine my medical condition, that'll be a big problem!
  5. I was wondering if for some reason if this request was all just automatically sent to LHI not realizing I didn't file a claim for increase?
  6. Thanks again everyone. Yes I've had the same condition for a very long time. I finally was granted the 100%. The issue that I have is that when they finally granted me the 100%, they thought they were actually giving me a very new diagnosis. However, what they appeared to not know was that was on of the diagnosis the VA doctors gave me years earlier. Therefore, granted the decision and the effective date starting at the recent C&P exam date. Now they want to set me a new C&P exam to apparently grant me an increase, which I don't need now that I already was granted the 100% P&
  7. Thanks to everyone who took out time out your busy schedule to respond to my question! That means so much to me. The main concern that I have is having to go to a C&P exam and having someone deciding to reduce my disability rating. Can anyone explain why they want to look at the very same issues that the previous C&P exam doctor examined me for in order for the raters to granted me the 100%. According to LHI, they want the C&P examiner to examine me for: "range of motion of my arms, shoulders, and neck. for and increase disability compensation". I read some where, I could be
  8. Here is my Va dilemma. First of all, I have been fighting the VA since 1994! I have since been granted small disability increases until I finally was granted an increase from 90% to 100%. During this long arduous and challenging struggle, I have filed disagreements and a Form 9 to Veteran Board of Appeals (VBA). Next, VBA has remanded my claim back to my local VARO because there was so many disparities the VARO raters either deliberately missed, or missed because of being overwhelmed by so much work they are facing. Personally it appears to be both. Here is my question: After finally bei
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