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  1. My daughter just turned 18 and want graduate from high school until May of 2022 I filed the paperwork for an increase. What I want to know is once she starts college, I'll have to change her status again correct? I heard that she will receive some type of payment from the VA. If this is true is there anyway I can control what ever she receive or will it go straight to her. I would like to be able to monitor her for at least a year. I am 100% P&T
  2. Awarded TDIU in June and I'm still trying to get a handle on all benefits that are due me. Would my wife receive any compensation for attending college as my kids would. And also l heard some where about free life insurance. Is there a single place I can go to see all that I qualify for?
  3. I would recommend Hill and Pontoon to anyone. They helped me go from 70% to 100% TDIU in less than a year. They were very professional and kept me informed every step of the way. I could call anytime and was always able to get an answer to any concerns. You didn't have to chase them down or talk to a machine. Your situation is different than mine, but I can say that if they can help there's no one else I would recommend!!!!
  4. I didn't have to use an IMO. My attorney used a Vocational expert report with my medical records. It took less than three months from the time my supplemental claim was submitted until I was awarded TDIU. My medical evidence was the same as my initial claim the only new and relevant evidence was the Vocational expert report. I didn't have the money to pay for the report, but my attorney covered the cost until I received backpay. It was the best move I ever made!!! I didn't care about backpay as much as I do about going forward. My kids are getting ready for college plus alot more benefits that I was unaware of. Thanks to all of the great Vets on this site. They want steer you wrong!!!!
  5. If I'm not mistaking there is no amount of money that you can have while receiving SSDI because that is money that you paid into the system. There would be concerns only if you were receiving SSI. I'm pretty sure this is correct, but I would check the SSA web or visit a local office.
  6. You can log on to Benefits and go to letter generator. Pull up the one that says benefit summary and service verification letter. It will state if you're P&T there. The other letter are also important as far as commissary and taxes are concerned.
  7. I received my rating code sheet. It has future exams (none) and that my disabilities are static. What does this mean in the Va's world of logic?
  8. How can you verify if your disabilities are static or not? I haven't found anything about it on my decision letter yet.
  9. GB army I'll be glad to donate is there any other way besides using PayPal ? If not I believe my wife has it. I'm old fashioned !!!
  10. I finally received my decision letter granting me TDIU permanent and total. Where can I find out about all the benefits associated with the grant. I read someone's post awhile back concerning free insurance. I want to personally thank everyone on this site. I couldn't have gotten here without your help. I urge every Vet I come in contact with to visit this site for advice and help. Me and my family are truly grateful and blessed !!!!!!
  11. Thanks Pacmanx1 I'll wait for the official letter. Once I get it I'll be coming back for advice from all of the great vets here on this site. I started at 30% and ended with 100% P&T by following instructions giving to me by all of you. If I disagree with the dates concerning backpay is there an official form to file?
  12. On my benefit summary and service verification letter it states Mar 4, 2020 as effective date you became totally and permanently disable due solely to your service connected disabilities. Is this the date that my Backpay starts at a 100% ?
  13. Broken soldier/ Pacmanx1 I haven't received my decision letter yet, but my cousin notified that you can go the letter generator page on benefits and bring up the commissary page and it will state if you're P&T. He was correct, it states that my disability is permanent and no future exams are required. Will the decision letter state all of your entitlements as far as the VA is concerned? I'll also see what the state of Ga. offers.
  14. Broken soldier you're correct again. I checked benefits and the verification letter shows me receiving pay at the 100% rate. What does all of this mean, what other benefits go along with this decision? I want to thank all of the great people here, none of this would have happened without the advice and information that I received here. I got my denial letter less than a year ago. I followed the advice of the people here, which I recommend to everyone I talk to. Thanks everyone!!!!!!
  15. I applied for TDIU and was awaiting decision. I checked Ebenifits today and the VA increased my knee from 30% to 50% and my Major Depressive Disorder from 50% to 70% giving me a 90% rating. I haven't received any decision paperwork from the VA yet to see why I was denied TDIU. Once I receive it I'll be seeking more help from all of the great people here as to what I should do next. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Thanks Broken soldier, I found it and correct me if I'm wrong. The Dr stated that my knee has gotten worse. He said that I have chronic residuals consisting of severe painful motion or weakness. When I look at the rating for that it seems like 60% to me, but will the VA see it that way or make their own determination? Thanks
  17. Where can I find the new regulations regarding the changes that were made earlier this year to the musculoskeletal ratings? I need to see where my rating might be based on the DBQ the Dr completed. Thanks
  18. I was rated at 30% after my replacement, I just completed exam for an increase. This is what the Dr reported. Progressed/worsened, functional loss or impairment, frequent effusion of the knee, crepitus, range of motion contribute to functional loss, flexion 85, Extention 20, Evidence of pain during: weight bearing, non weight bearing, active motion, passive motion, on rest, non movement. Total knee replacement residuals: Chronic residuals consisting of severe painful motion or weakness. I looked at the ratings for flexion, extention, and pain after replacement there are so many areas to be rated I got confused. Can anyone comment on what rating you can come to with this report? Is there anyone out there dealing with knee replacements, I guess I'll wait and see if the VA agrees with the Dr. The DBQ looks good to me but who am I ?
  19. Had a C&P exam and these are my symptoms that the Dr checked. Depressed mood, Anxiety, Chronic sleep impairment, Flatten affect, Disturbances of motivation and mood, Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships, Difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances, including work and work like setting, and Suicidal ideation. I looked at the criteria and it seems to rate around 50% as l see it. Does anyone see it differently? The Dr checked the box that says Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity. McRay the Dr noted that I have low acute risk of suicidal ideation. This isn't just a one off suicidal ideation is mentioned in other section of my medical records.
  20. Thanks Berta I'll get right on the information you provided me. Should I have my lawyer file the cue now or wait to see how my supplemental claim is resolved?
  21. Broken soldier they didn't have to pull my SSDI information on my claim. I included my award letter with my claim packet. On my denial letter nothing about SSDI was referred to in the evidence section. How can I make sure they look at it this time since its included in my initial claim and wouldn't be new and relevant in my supplemental claim. That's why I thought I could mention it in the remarks section of the 21-8940 they are requesting again. Because in block 19 they ask if you left your job because of your disability and if yes comment or remark in block 26. I thought I could mention it here.
  22. Berta replied that I may have a cue because the VA didn't list my SSDI information in the evidence section of my denial for TDIU. I filed a supplemental claim with a vocational expert opinion as new evidence. I just received a letter requesting another 21-8940 and 21-4192 that I included them in my first claim. I want to know should I comment that I received SSDI after leaving my last employment, because of my service connected injury in the remarks section of the 21-8940. I would appreciate any input as to what they are looking for. Thanks
  23. John ask if I had SSDI before I filed for TDIU, I do. I was denied my first try. My attorney filed an appeal which includes a vocational expert opinion. Will the VA access my SSDI records. I sent them a copy of my decision letter on my first application, but it didn't show in the evidence on my denial letter. The reason I received SSDI is because of service connected disability exclusively. I was under the impression that they would consider the SSDI vocational expert also. I guess I was wrong.
  24. John999 ,I have SSDI and I was granted it because of my Service connected disability. When I applied for TDIU before I sent in a copy of my award letter, I don't know if they considered it, it wasn't mentioned in the evidence section.
  25. My attorney just filed my appeal claim for TDIU. The vocational expert submitted a 15 page report. I have never thought that the report would be so detailed. How much weight does the VA give to such reports? I feel that it can't hurt.
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