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  1. brokensoldier244th I have all of my documentation to file for increase for hemorrhoids. For my planar fasciitis I need to wait until my custom inserts come in to determine if they help or not, anticipate another month before I have everything to submit for that. Should I wait and file both claims at once? or does it make a difference filling each separately in the eyes of the VA?
  2. BrokenSoldier Thanks! I have not been to the VA Since my C@P Exam in 2014. All of my records are from my Primary Care Doc and a Podiatrist and Neurologist. Ankle Condition DBQ From another podiatrist also noted moderate bilateral tarsal tunnel syndrome (Plantar nerve entrapment at the ankle affecting the sensory component of the nerves) I believe I was only rated at 10% at that time as my right foot wasn't experiencing pain at that time. The DBQ For Flatfoot Pes Planus the doc listed in section 3E (Are the veterans symptoms relieved by arch supports or othodotics (Which i was and have used sin
  3. First off this is an amazing forum very helpful! Considering filing for increase in service connected hemorrhoids rated at 0%(that should be straight forward) I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis a little over a year ago would I make that secondary to fallen arches? In addition having similar issues with right ankle years of limping starting to jack that up as well. I noticed that they apparently don't use the old Disability Benefits Questionnaires I had my doctors use the first time around. All of this is in my electronic records from each specialist I have seen. Do I need to have my doctor
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