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  1. @shrekthetank1 Do you have any updates on this 3M claim? I have been wondering if I should file outside the VA or with the VA for this claim. Right now, I am rated at the basic 10% tinnitus, but, with this lawsuit, I am wondering if the VA is raising the 10% finally or if it is better to go outside the VA, so any updates appreciated.....
  2. @broncovet @GBArmy So, not sure which one it is, if they go off my old rating, where it was 85% and rounded up to 90% now-so could possibly get me to that over marker to be rounded up to 100% , or if they will work off my old rating of 85% and so I will still be 90%....However, it seems that if I put in all my disabilities into the calculator, and do not work off percentages of old disabilities, it will take a near miracle to get to anything past 95% to get me to 100% disability. How frustrating.... I still have not heard back from the HLR, but, if it does not work off my (already ra
  3. Hello All, I know there are NUMEROUS questions asked about the VA disability ratings, and even a disability calculator, but, my question is: my total combined disabilities are rated at 85%, so, it was rounded to 90%. I submitted a new claim for GERD, which I am expecting them to bring it from 10% up to 30%. For the disability calculation, will they work from the 90% and then factor in new claims or percentages or do they re-enter all my disabilities and so my rating could still remain at 90%? thank you!!
  4. @Foxhound6 Did you get your HLR decision back? I just contacted the VA, and the representative told me that mine is "ready for a decision so should be anytime now". I tried not to laugh....
  5. @flow1972 ya, that was what I was wondering-if they are now even further behind. Well, that sucks. Hope you hear soon. Mine hasn't changed yet, but, it's only been 6 weeks. I keep checking. I wish they had a better "update" system, so you could at least see where your claim is and what is going on with it along the way.....
  6. Good Afternoon, I know the time frame for a HLR is normally about 4 months (they state on their website 125 days), however, I am wondering if anyone has filed a HLR since they opened up the VA more in August? Just wondering if there is a huge backlog now. I have mine just sitting there since September, and no status change, even though I was thinking it would be until January, but, as most others have said, still checking often to see if there has been any updates! Thanks!!!
  7. @brokensoldier244th I believe I did voc rehab for just about 4 years. But, I had heard there was a way for people to use both at the same time for maximum benefit? I did not know if that was true, and if it was, to get retroactive pay from GI BIll, since it still shows 25 months left of the GI Bill. But, I just did not want two years of educational benefits to go to waste-unless there was a way to transfer to dependents now but as far as I can see, when I look into it for my file, it does not allow me. So is the 25 months left of GI Bill then just an error on my page? I know now that the
  8. Hello. I am wondering about educational benefits. When I was in the military, I did not have any dependents, so, I did not list anyone to transfer my GI BIll to. Once I was out and service connected, I was told it is best to Voc Rehab stipends, and I did. My question is that it now states that my GI Bill is delimiting April 2021, with 25 months worth of benefits not exhausted yet. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this? I have dependents now, but, it will not let me transfer. Is there any way to get it transferred now? I have read posts that some have done both voc rehab AND GI bill benefits at
  9. @broncovet Yes, I have a premium account, and can see most of my claims-except for 2 that say "claim for authorized review" but does not list what it was I was trying to claim on those. So, I may have to ask for copies of those two claims.... Thank you
  10. @broncovet Thank you. This helps. My GERD says that it was awarded the 10% (previously 0%) on Jan.2019, as determined by predischarged exam. I have two claims-one from 2015 one that is from 2010, both say Claim for Authorized Review, but, do not actually list what I was trying to get done (I do have the 'premium' membership, but, the VA websites are terrible!!), so, after asking on a different thread, it seems I will need to request those claim documents (I do not have physical copies anymore). I do know that I was previously rated at 0% this entire time, and as I stated, it
  11. I tried looking through forums, but cannot find this answer. I had a GERD claim increase on Jan. 2019. I am *fairly* certain it was previously rated at 0% upon discharge and then finally received an increase in Jan. 2019. I cannot find anywhere online when the GERD was previously rated for 0%-I looked through "historical claims/appeals" and it does not show anywhere on there (there is one claim that I submitted a long time ago that says "administrative review-closed, but, it was so long ago, I honestly do not remember what the administrative review was for or what it was related to). Is t
  12. Thank you all so much! This is all new to me, so navigating my way through. I will wait for the secondary claim to come through on my left shoulder and fingers crossed it all goes well!!!
  13. @Berta, Thank you for the link, although the link was for a shoulder claim. I was asking about a GERD claim. My GERD claim was finally upped to 10% last January, however, I have almost all the markers for 30%, so, I submitted for an increase several times, they denied it once, second time said I did not have the proper form, third time, denied it again, so, I submitted a higher level review. However, after finding this website, I see that I can submit a CUE for an earlier date than Jan.2019. But, right now, it is in higher level review. In a way, you did kind of answer my question,
  14. Hello!! I wish I would have found this site before, because WHAT.A.NIGHTMARE the VA disability process is. Bear with me as I try to explain my thinking: Okay, so I have had GERD listed as a condition at 0% rating, but, after fighting for an increase, it was given on 1-28-2019 (and as such, I cannot see when the 0% was given). However, even in the notes from endoscopy AND the dr noted epigastric distress, dysphagia, constant pyrosis (heartburn), shoulder pain-ALL things that should get a better increase to 30%. I submitted a claim for increase May 8th, 2019. It was quickly denied, st
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