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  1. @El Train I see that they have my appointment at Bay Pines, which is about two hours away from me. UGH. I just want to get this over with. That stinks that they rated you at 0. I am rated at 10% but I have evidence from 2006 showing from VA doctor's diagnosis, tests and endoscopy results that (according to the VA's own ratings) I should have been rated at 30%. But, even if they do not go back to 2006 and only do 30% as of the most recent rating of 2019, I would be happy. It still probably will not get me to 100, but gets me closer. I am at 90% now, but, I am pretty sure that is rounded up to 9
  2. @Foxhound6Yea, just looked on my file, they have me scheduled for a C&P exam for the 31st......but, I am going to do what someone else suggested and bring all my files, in chronological order, with all my tests and results and doctor's notes/assessments so that the examiner has everything available at this appointment. I am not really sure what a C&P exam for GERD would "look like" , since it's not like my other C&P exams, where they look for range of motion/pain. Guess we will see.......so now I wait until the 31st....and for the letter to come in the mail.
  3. @flow1972 hopefully it will be that they realized it should have been scheduled at 10% instead of 0% to begin with (based off ALL the results and dr visits) and 30% instead of the measly 10% rated in 2019....doubtful, but holding out hope....I don't think it'll get me past my 90% yet but it gets me closer.....
  4. Sooooo, just got ANOTHER email from the VA....lol....I think it is basically saying the same thing. I guess my question is-a duty to assist error is usually a good thing though, correct? ....hopefully this still means that they would be giving a higher rating either way......
  5. @pacmanx1 I have never heard of a Fenderson Rating. But, this sounds more what I was actually wanting to do. I was talking with my VSO, and he said I should have been rated at at least 10% (if not the 30% , since that is the rating schedule from the VA for GERD, 10, then 30%) back in 2006, and then in 2019 rated higher with new evidence showing worsening of conditions. However, instead I was rated at 0% for GERD and then only 10% in 2019. I am going to look into the Fenderson rating some more!....Thank you! P.S....yes, I think it is ridiculous that they have YEARS of evidence and VA docto
  6. @pacmanx1 I hope not. That is irritating and the exam for GERD would be another endoscopy, which isn't an easy C&P exam. Also, the original decision was based off of an endoscopy that I had done. I received the endoscopy and they rated my GERD two weeks after the results. I am hoping I would NOT have to go for another endoscopy. Plus, my medical file and all the issues related to GERD are all documented all the way back to 2006, including an endoscopy even then showing the severity even then! I wish they would just review all my medical files (with the VA doctor's notes as well stating sev
  7. @Foxhound6 @GBArmy Okay. So, no letter still. Decision was made Jan. 28th. So, on Feb. 16th, I requested it be resent. I also made an inquiry to IRIS. This is the response I received today. It states that a letter was sent (today) March 2nd. Nothing new on e-benefits, va.gov or in my letters/payment section. What now? I guess wait for the letter but, if there was a new rating, how long until it shows up online (if it was updated today, per them)? You know, we've waited long enough, we get impatient!! LOL... *attaching screenshot of email they sent me*
  8. UGH!!! Okay, so, I just received the letter from the VA. It says, "added-General Information" added to your file. WTH?!?! So, they STILL have not generated a decision letter. I again called the VA and the rep tells me it went to my local office who made the HLR decision and I should receive notification from them. Additionally, every time I talk with my VSO, he says he can see my 90% disability rating but cannot see any listed claims. I don't know what is going on with my file and everyone tells me to contact a different department but nothing is getting fixed. I still do not have my decision
  9. Okay, contacted the VA. The agent also said that she sees the claim is closed but does not see a decision made nor a decision letter being generated; so she put in a request to, "instruct how to proceed further or to generate a decision and decision letter". She said it should not take long for them to do this, so I guess it is just wait and see.....
  10. @GBArmy will they fax me the letter? I still think it is dumb that so much of this is still done through "snail mail" -not just for benefits or to contest a decision, but, EVERYTHING still with the VA. I thought they were modernizing it, but not much has really been modernized really....so frustrating......
  11. @broncovetI am not retired military. My letters still shows my same disability rating, so I am assuming they denied it. Agreed about the HLR. I would like to know the reason for the denial so that I know how to move forward contesting it-once again. I just don't know why the VSO could not find anything about my claim either (on his end). I think I am going to try to "ask peggy" and see how that goes.....
  12. *****NEW EDIT AS OF FEB. 14th.... Okay, it says that the HLR review was completed on Jan. 28th. I STILL have not received a letter, and on Monday, the 15th, it will be three weeks. The rating looks to be the same on my e-file, but, when I called the VSO on Friday to see if he could see anything on his end of what the VA said about the HLR, he said that my file showed nothing-not the claim or my disability percent(s), or the HLR. Anyone else run into issues with HLR decisions and taking longer than the 10 days to receive your decision letter? I would like to know why I was denied (I
  13. Okay, today my status went from HLR reviewer looking at your case to closed. Unfortunately, I do not show any difference in my disabilities or benefits (or on generated disability letters). When I look on my disabilities page, my GERD % is still the same. I don't know how long it takes to update, since last night it was still pending, but, I don't know WHY I am still rated at 10% for GERD when on my last exam (that was submitted as evidence) checked off most boxes for the MINIMUM for 30%. All that aside, it said they received the HLR on Sept. 18th, and was closed today, Jan. 31, for those
  14. Thanks @pacmanx1 I will look. I think almost all of mine (up to about 2 years ago) were in the VA. I just wasn't sure when they started to not include the dr's name that gave the C&P exam. But, I am assuming if it was an "inside" VA C&P, then the dr's name would be included still?
  15. @Berta Do you know when the VA stopped listing the Dr.'s Name on the C&P exam (results)? I am wondering if I order my C-FIle, if it will have any of the Dr.'s names listed or if they removed from ALL files, new and old? (if that makes any sense) Or if they just stopped listing the Dr.'s names now, but previous C&P exam results would still have the Dr.'s names listed? Thanks!
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