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  1. Thanks Berta, The VA probably was not able to give it. He goes to Dorn in Columbia, SC. However, that being said, his dr. will not order any more test or anything. We have not heard from the VA about this situation at all. I guess if we did not get the records and read them ourselves, she would have never called the first time. Everyone out there...please get copies of your records. You have to be your own dr. when it comes to the VA. I agree the VA may not consider this a critical medical situation, but we sure did. You know, when we went to Duke, we took his records and a disk with the CAT scan. The dr. at Duke looked at the disk and he said there was a 75% chance this was lung cancer, so he ordered the PET scan and scheduled surgery to remove the upper left lobe. The PET showed it was not cancer so of course surgery was canceled and we very happily came home. But even an outside dr. just looking at the disc thought 75% chance, certainly someone at the VA thought something since it was noted in his records he needed a PET scan... thanks, sbrewer
  2. Hi, Need help with fee basis. Husband had a chest x-ray done at Urgent Care at the VA. The Dr. that saw him at Urgent Care called and said something showed up, and scheduled a CAT scan. At that time, she also told him that he would now be handled by his primary care provider(which he's been trying to get rid of for 2 yrs., and they want switch him). He had the CAT scan, and we heard nothing from them. We went and picked up his records and the records said he had 2 nodules on his lungs and needed to have a PET scan done. Well, he called the TAPS line and left message for his primary care dr. to call him about his CAT scan. She never called, so we made an app. at Duke Hospital and they did the PET scan. After this was done, his primary care called and read his record to him word for word. He asked her what her opinion was, and she said she had "no opinion". He called fee basis and they said his primary care would have to call them. The TAPS line people keep telling him they are not going to pay this and will not give the message to his primary care. What can we do? sbrewer
  3. Hi, I have a question about whether or not this would be secondary conditions to depression. Husband is 70%, but considered 100% IUPT for major depression. His new dr. said he was adding more to his records to include heart disease and severe neurapathy pain making the depression worse. Should he put in a claim for these two conditions, as secondary to the depression? sbrewer
  4. Hi, Can someone point me in the right direction? I believe there was a rule about...if a non sc condition causes a sc condition to worsen, then the non sc condition could be rated. I hope I am remembering this correctly. thanks, sbrewer
  5. Hi, My husband and I were talking about if something happened to him, would I get DIC. He says no and I say yes... He is 70% but paid at the 100% IU level with no future exams, so I think that's TDIU. I get CHAMPVA and we get all the other bennies that go with the 100%. Anyway, would I get paid DIC if something happened to him? thanks, sbrewer
  6. Hi, Just wondering, if you have a prescription from non VA dr., can you get it filled at the base. Husband is 100%TDIU. thanks, sbrewer
  7. Thanks Pete, But, do I have to be enrolled in the VA or do I just walk in to prosthetics with a paper from an outside dr. with whatever I may need written on it. thanks, sbrewer
  8. Hi, I am in SC and the closest VA facily that takes CHAMPVA is Asheville, NC. I am currently seeing an orthopedic dr. for some knee and heel problems. My question is...if I need physical therapy or any ortho devices such as Cam Walker or Orthotics or anything of this nature, can I go to Dorn VA for this or would I have to have a primary care dr. there to use any portion of the facility? Thanks, sbrewer
  9. My husband had been on Gabapentin, but it did not work and was replaced by Lyrica. His neuropathy doesn't bother him as much as it use too, however the one toe, we think is not neuropathy. He has seen podiactrist, neurologist, physical therapy, and 3 shots which did not work. He thought maybe he would have better luck with Tampa or John Hopkins. They had an interesting article on the web page, here's the link.... http://hopkinsneuro.org:80/peripheral_nerve/ sbrewer
  10. Hi John, He has not gone to the pain clinic yet. He talked(via email) to Dr. Michael E. Clark. He was told that part of the program was exercise and since he has severe CAD, that limits his ability to do a lot of exercise. I think they said stranious walking or running I'm not sure, but he would need to be cleared with a cardiologist before they would except him in the program. We are in SC and I beleive we would have to pay for our own way there and such. The program also requires an 18 day stay in the hospital. He is 100% PTIU. Sbrewer
  11. Hi, My husband suffers from diabetes with neuropathy among other things. He contacted the Pain clinic in Tampa, and was referred by his primary care, however the ball has been thrown back in the primary care's lap, due to one of the requirements for the pain clinic is excercise, he would have to be cleared with cardiologist which he would fail due to severe cornary artery disease. Question...does anyone know of a VA facility or perhaps an outside facility that specializes in neuropathy? We've read a little about John Hopkins. Has anyone had any experience with them? He is in severe pain most of teh time. Thank you, sbrewer
  12. Hi, Does anyone know if the VA drug formulary list is available online? I thought I had it bookmarked one time, but can't seem to find it. Thanks, sbrewer
  13. Hi, If your granted 70% for a condition, but are paid 100% TDIU. if asked what % you are, what do you put 70 or 100? Thanks, sbrewer
  14. WE too, went to the patient advocate and got no where. She called the head Pharmacist and was told that the Renexa prescription should be written in it's other name Ranolazine. We went back to outside cardio. and he wrote the RX with that name and still got denied. My thing is this...you need the meds, the VA has the meds, the VA bills your insurance for the meds, the VA collects from your insurance for the meds, just why in the ---- can't you get the meds from the VA? I don't know if any good will come from writing to Senators, but I think we may try that next. sbrewer
  15. Hi All, Apparently the VA Pharmacist has more pull in the hospital on medicines, than the VA Cardiologist. Long story short, husband was denied Plavix and Renexa that outside Cardio. says he needs, so his VA Primary sent him to VA Cardio. The VA Cardio agreed he needed these meds and put in for them and low and behold they were denied by pharmacy.... Time to write a long letter Oh, and of course they bill our private insurance for all his meds anyway, so I don't get it. sbrewer
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