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  1. Houston VA tells me they are only giving it to cancer patients and over 75.
  2. Thank you for responding. Yes, it was my 2 MH docs who dx this in my file a few years ago along with MDD, GAD, etc. And it was one of the MH docs who wrote the letter for me. I got lucky he would write it but I think him being AF reserve with lots of PTSD experience treating it while active, many months of weekly and biweekly appointments, he felt it was right to write the letter-and he stated so in letter. Now, if I can keep my patience intact...
  3. I don't mean to hijack this but my question fits the question. Broncovet: If the VA only accepts VA docs on PTSD, is it safe to think that a BVA judge will look favorably on an appeal if VA docs not only say PTSD but also write a letter stating this, provides a nexus statement and state "more likely than not SC"? Thank you for your response.
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