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  1. Oh I forgot to tell you when I got the 90% combined with TDIU. Three years after I had my first reevaluation then they read any permanent and total no more future exams but I’m not a scheduler I’m 90 % combined 100% TDIU with P&TI I’m working on getting the scheduler but I receive all the benefits is 100% schedule would receive I’m just not allowed to work still
  2. Hey RichieCap, I exit in military in 1992 I did not know about any compensation disability benefits until 2005 I was unaware that I can receive these benefits so I tried to get service connected for five years for numerous conditions in 2010 I got 10% for a shoulder condition and then 30% secondary major depression to shoulder condition. Then I got denied for numerous things up until 2016 during that time everybody said I know what to do I can help you and it really didn’t work out so I started learning the ins and outs Anyway with the 10% shoulder and 30% in MDDThen I got 10% for a skin condition that took me to 40% and then I want from 40 to 90% then I got TDIU then I got SSDI at 46 years old anyway what is all your service connected conditions in one of the ratings for them and do you have any secondaries submit that to me and then I can figure out what else we can do to get you get 100
  3. Also the decision of the letter does not state no timeline on an appeal it just states when records are found decision will be reconsidered and the effective date will be this claim date. so when I put in another claim in 2016 it was approved for tinnitus at 10% In the evidence part it showed that all my treatment records was there.
  4. No I didn’t appeal it but in my decision letter it specifically says if the records are received that a later date the decision will be reconsidered if a different decision results the decision will be affected the date of this pending claim. I did not see any timeline or nothing it just says it will be reconsidered if the records found we didn’t get the records till 2016 so what’s M21. And what is my best option what form I sent a question to Iris I’m waiting on that
  5. What I’m asking is which effective date the VA should of used. The one on 09/25/2013. Where I was denied tinnitus and the decision letter stated they could not find my service treatment records. And if they were found at a later date. the decision will be reconsidered, if a different decision results, that decision will be effective the date of this pending ( on 09/25/13 ) claim. So the new claim I submitted on 06/29/16. Where I was granted service connection for tinnitus at 10%. where evidence shows they used my Service treatment records. That effective date is 05/11/16. So on my claim on 09/25/13. by the VA stating that if the records are received at a later, date, if a different decision results, that decision will be effective the date of this pending claim. So should my effective date be September 25, 2013 or May 11, 2016 . if The effective date is September 25, 2013 and not May 11, 2016. I should be entitled to more backpay for those years and months thank you USNVET my ratings are 90% total combined disability with 100% TDIU P&T 70% MDD, 20% right shoulder, 20% (secondary) left shoulder, 10% dermatitis, 10% tinnitus, 0% scar, and SMS-K
  6. On 09/25/2013 I submitted a claim for tinnitus. Received a VA letter dated 06/09/2014 informed me that the VA could not find my complete service treatment records could not be located and therefore unavailable for review. all efforts to obtain Has been exhausted based on these facts the VA determined that further attempts to obtain these records would be unsuccessful if these records are received at a later date the decision will be reconsidered. if a different decision results, that decision will be effective the date of this pending claim. (09/25/2013) Well I was denied for tinnitus. So on 06/29/2016 I submitted a new claim For tinnitus Evidence on record Shows they used my service treatment records. Subsequently I was Granted service connection at 10% effective date May 11, 2016. So by them saying that the effective date of this pending claim on September 25, 2013 should they go back to 2013 for my backpay instead of May 11, 2016. Am I reading this right is that correct all answers will be helpful thank you very much
  7. Thanks Tbird. So can you also clarify this I forgot to add basic eligibility to “DEA” is granted as the evidence shows you currently have a total service- connected disability. Permanent in nature. also I have short term memory issues and also have a hard time comprehending and understanding things. I apologize if I seem repetitive in asking same ?s. Do I receive the same benefits as a 100% scheduler? And can they take or reduce my rating after being determined permanently and totally disabled. And should I continue to put in more claims. There’s a couple that’s been denied should I reapply. Like GERD. I HAD C&Ps for everything thing else I claimed they never scheduled one for GERD. AND MY SMRs show I was seen numerous times for the condition. Thank you
  8. Hello, My total combined disability is 90%. 70% MDD, 20% right shoulder glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis, 20% left shoulder chronic subluxation 10% dermatitis ( due to chemical exposure ). 10% tinnitus, 0% sms( k). 0% scar. I am receiving 100% TDIU. I recently had a C&P exam for re-evaluation of my 70% MDD The decision letter states 1. Evaluation of MDD with bipolar disorder 70% disabling, is continued. 2. Basic eligibility to Dependent’s educational assistance is established from date of review resulting in cancellation of routine future examinations. my benefit verification letter now states. You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities? Yes So even though my combined rating is 90%. Am I now 100% P&T? Am I considered to be a 100% scheduler? Is there a difference between P&T and T&P. Or are they the same.
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