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  1. I had a series of low scores. I've just contacted my civilian dr. To request another exam.
  2. It wasn't for a c and p exam. I have ptsd 70% with memory issues. The first eval was done outside of VA and stated extreme memory issues. 3 years later the VA requested another neuro exam. I stated I had been involved in an ied blast which I was with four others, two are in prison and one is in bad shape also. The last exam was a VA neuro which disputed the findings of the civilian dr. My concentration and memory, anxiety and hypervigilence never stops. I am not even claiming TBI, I was trying to figure out where my memory issues and other items are stemming from. But to call the test invalid,
  3. I just took a neuro exam and the Dr. Said it was invalid due to low test scores. I have memory issues, ptsd, and was involved in a dismounted ied which rattled me. Physician stated there was no way the blast could cause a mild tbi and concluded my test scored were invalid, what does this mean.
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