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  1. personal opinion based on personal experience. just to go to yearly VA check ups, feel free to use private doctor otherwise... this will keep your VA active (JUST IN CASE you loose your private for any unforeseen future reason). I had stopped using anything VA for 20 years, thank God I kept some kind of activity back 20 years ago which kept an active record and I was able to re-activate easily when I desperately needed it..20 years later, at that time in the past, I said I would never ever involve myself with anything military... low and behold.. here I am full circle.
  2. "My husband received 100% t&p" Agreed, yes, send copy of va proof of disability and golden.
  3. Thank you, your response means a great deal to me, an affirmation that it's ok to speak up, I was second guessing myself as I'm not one to talk or write about such private matters. NEVER BE AFRAID TO WALK INTO A VA CLINIC AND ASK FOR HELP! NEVER> no matter what.
  4. I've been reading topics for a few weeks, and decided to share, maybe this can motivate some of you to start or continue your claim. I was a very successful Marine, Guide, honor graduate, 300 pft'er, Iron man, top of my class, followed orders to the T, leader, honored to serve my adopted country AMERICA, as a first generation immigrant from Colombia, South America. Not to go into details, I was honorably discharged three years in... it was catastrophic to me, I felt shame, failure... guilt. Many hospital stays, loss of all hope and finally distancing myself completely from military and VA fo
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