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  1. Thanks I will try to have the conversation with them again. One would think that they could explain this as an option if it were an option. I appreciate your efforts.
  2. I appreciate the conversation here. It really helps. Otherwise, I feel like there is nobody to talk to. So broncovet....We have no problem paying the Part B. They won't let her sign up for Part B. That is the problem. At the time that she let Part B get dropped, her and I were going thru a terrible time. I had thrown my hands up in the air and said F it. I'm not going to help you. She has a tendency to stick her head in sand and hope all her problems magically go away. So she probably did not realize what was happening. She thought she could just return to ChampVA as the Primary.
  3. Well this is a unique situation. Normally Medicare is when you reach a certain age. She is only 42. I'm going to discuss with ChampVa once again. Then try to get them to provide a document stating why she has been dropped. That would make it official. Then I will talk to Social Security once more. When you talk to these people they just look at it on the surface. They want to resolve it quickly. So they say....ohhhh she did not maintain Part B....therefore she loses ChampVa. Normally, if it was Medicare based on her age being 65 that makes sense. A person can just rejoin Part B and
  4. My wife is 42. My wife had solely CHAMPVA. She got sick with ESRD. She was on dialysis for several years and the state paid her Medicare Part B. She miraculously got better and she is no longer on dialysis. The state ceased paying her Part B. ChampVA subsequently dropped her ChampVA because you are required to carry Part B if you have Part A. Otherwise you lose you ChampVA. Now my wife did not realize she needed to maintain her Part B. At the time she did not have money to allocate for Part B. She did not realize she would lose ChampVA. Anyway, Social Security will not allow her to
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