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  1. Thanks' for the replies. I'm going to call Monday if I remember or sometime next week. I'll most likely forget and call once I remember. If I get any info from the VA I'll make sure to post it on here for anyone that might need the same information. I've read on a VA article that "I'll post at the bottom encase anyone finds themselves in the same situation" that if you have a medical reason they'll extend it. I was hoping someone on here had already extended theirs. This is exactly what it says as a possible reason to extend your GI Bill "You have experienced an illness or disability that prev
  2. Hello, Bro's and Sis's I'm sorry but I couldn't find a forum exclusively about the GI BILL. If this isn't the right place please move it to the right forum if you don't mind. I got out of the Army on May 15 2006th, and I used a good bit of my Gi Bill (Chapter 33) not the forever GI Bill, which I thought everyone who qualified, for the GI Bill was switched over to. I still have over a year left on my (Chapter 33) GI Bill, and just found out that it was not apart of the forever GI Bill that Trump signed in to law, and found out my GI Bill was expiring soon as was my right to utilized the V
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