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  1. Yeah I don't want to give in because there are real issues that they are just brushing to side. They clearly state that I have been diagnosed with a major depressive order at the VA I go too. I've sent my decision letter to attorney so hopefully he can make a case for me. I do believe them admitting that I've been diagnosed with anxiety and a major depressive order that's half the battle
  2. Thank you I appreciate it. I just don't know how I could connect my depression to my service connection. While I did suffer and I have examples none of that would be in my records. I don't I will do my best specially since all 4 of my claims where saying I do have medical conditions confirmed by VA.
  3. So I have an update, I recieved my decision letter which stated all 4 things were not service connected. However all 4 had favorable findings that I do have illiness. Example the va acknowledged I had a major depression order bit denied it was service connected. 2 questions Should I contact lawyer for an appeal. Which I did but not sure if it's worth it? Also such as my depression if I didn't mention while I was in does that make it not service connected? Like my issues only got worse when I got out. I didn't feel comfortable talking about while I was in
  4. I had a few injuries while I was in that caused me lower back pain. The problem I believe is they found a tumor in my spine last year and I think they are going off that. The thing is I've had problems for years and the surgeon told me I probably had the tumor in me for about 10 years, which would mean I had it while I was serving
  5. I guess I'm just upset at the fact I had injuries while I was in I know this. But I'm just surprised that literally one day after my exam my case was closed and denied. I filed for depression and anxiety as well and didn't even get an exam they just denied everything. I understand what your saying. Thank you for the response
  6. So I filed for disability about 3 months ago and just had my exam on Wednesday for back and stomach. I injured my lower back a few times while in but feel I never got proper treatment. After I got out I've injured my lower back continuously. I finally had an MRI done and they found a tumor. I had surgery and everything a year ago, the surgeon told me there is no guarantee this is what is causing you back pain. Been a year and half since surgery and still having problems. So I filed a claim I didn't mention tumor but brought it up during my cp exam and explained everything. The examiner made it seem like I certainly had a case for my back as they could see my injuries while I was in. I guess my point is I'm confused in how I had my exam on Wednesday and all of my cases were closed and deemed not service connected. Can the examiner relay that information that quick to be denied one day later after sounding like it was certain I would receive something
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