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  1. Part of the problem is that these PCP only will stay no more than a year. And the new ones wait and don't touch the rx for pain. Like it's not just going to go away. It's like a bill collector just cause you don't want to touch the bill they keep on calling... same with rx. I'm already 2 hours from the main VAMC.
  2. It wasn't an offer... It was when VA started that stuff. It was a sign on ever wall in the Hospital about that. It was brought up as we are doing this now at the VA. My look struck a nerve. Ive called so many times for refill, and to get referral. They won't even put in computer. No nothing. They won't even respond to the Patient Advocate. What does that tell you? People are writing reviews like crazy about it. But the CBOC where the doc got in trouble with the blood pressure. I'm pretty sure they are now not logging calls for numbers, work load, or just
  3. Yes staffing. I complained to my PCP for 3 years about doing a testosterone test would never do it. All I got done is offered diet advice, and diabetes tests. I got up to 300lbs and sleeping all the time. When they did do the test my levels were like a 50. My Hormone Doc is a radical pushing this gender transition talks about it all the time. In 2015 I think I looked at her weird ever since that time I've had the worse time of putting stuff in the notes about secondary condition. My PCP is another radical with the BLM. Only doc ive had issues with on pain is the one that got
  4. Yeah. They won't respond to PA emails, IM's or Voicemails.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm new here to this site. Have been getting Treatment for 20 years at VA. Anyone had trouble with Salem, Virginia VAMC and or the Danville CBOC?
  6. I got the patient advocate involved, and had to appeal it to the Chief of Primary care after being on a pain treatment plan for over 20 years. All he did was say he supports to Primary decision.
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