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  1. I take 2 to 3 a day here in TN=VA Nashville Pete and I have been on them for years. I go in to see my new Doc and she talking like she has to take me off of them, this was a few months back. She even pulls out the paper that looked to be some type new regulation updated from the "top" to follow and it clearly stated what you guys are sayin here. It said for sure to only use Xanax as a "TEMP" use only and is not to be priscribed for long term use....yoggie
  2. Here and accounted hello all, sorry guys haven't been around awhile. yoggie
  3. The funny part about this is your child/children will receive a SSA check as well (assuming you totally Disabled), My EX tried to hide this payment hoping to double dip till she was caught and didn't even show up at court. What others say is true to some existent. They (FL) will try to make you pay more ALWAYS, Florida is the worst I ever seen, it makes for another great revenue gathering campaign as well! Suspended DL's , fines , court cost, late fee's and Jail..the truth is you will be guiltted in to poverty if you let them. Florida I read has ramped up efforts to collect back fee's that had long been forgotten as far back as 10 years . A buddy of mines wife was arrested on a fee from a case that was thrown out 7 years ago. Sheriffs approached his house in paramilitary swat gear and riot shotguns drawn, boots and all, because a warrant was issued on a $35 court cost she had no idea existed and they stood and watched her get dressed and took her off to jail for ten days and said that she could no longer be arrested for the fee if she chose no to pay it, it would now just go on her credit. little off topic sorry, just to show ya FL aint playing around. Get you the kind of Lawyer you need cause you don't want this kinda stuff following you around. Larryj is right though they(FL) will use everything you got to take all the SSA max they can take. The up side the will look at the mom as she has a full time job whether she has one or not to limit the bleeding....yog
  4. Well Brother some aren't going to like this post or the answer to it. The ANSWER is NO but the child in question is entitled to the bene's you receive on the child's behalf. if your 100% I think its 80 or 90 bucks. I myself just went through this little under 2 years ago, VA Disability can not be attached by anyone. How ever worse case scenario if you wife leaves or vice versa she will get no more than than half you SSA and the childs check from SSA PERIOD. I to am from Florida and I no how they work and they work to screw the father period. Everyone you will not be sympathetic to you because there first thought is you a dead beat DAD, you are not you are disabled and don't want to be left homeless and broke and FL will do that if you do not fight back. You give what your supposed to and no ore because at the end of the day you will be giving a lot. I currently give 600+ for one child you are not entitled to share your VA disability with others only SSA with your children. Get you a lawyer and you will find out what I say is trueand put that "your just trying to get over" crap out of your head that is what others are thinking. If she gets it its because you gave it to them or did nothing to protect your self. Not my business I suggest you guys work it out if possible...... Good luck hope this helps No State or local Gov can attach VA Bene's period. Been there say that got the tee shirt! Hope this helps.. Yogg
  5. Sorry so late replying, hope you found you a house. I am still working on a new claim and a NOD so that is keeping me busy when I am not working. Semper Fi

  6. Hey Brother sorry i hadn't called or worte lately busy trying to get a House in TN.., Nice picture

  7. Certainly have and I have PTSD... I constantly worry to the change that being injured and mental stresses can break you down but hang in there you will get an upswing and you'll feel a little better.. Good luck..Yogg..
  8. yoggie2

    March Roll Call

    Here and accounted for, salute!.....yoggie
  9. I see it this way, I my self put in a request and it took 8 months to a year. It was after this time I wrote to my Congressman and I received it in 30 to 45 days of receipt later and a letter from my Congressman 3 days after my C-file arrived. Sometimes its better to go hard on the second try.. Good Luck My friend.....Yog
  10. I can sure sympathize with you pete53 My wife and I just buried her 54y father on the 10th. We just was with them for the Holly days and waited till we were gone back home...Yog
  11. Here! wanting to say Hi to you folks still kind of getting adjusted to my new life...
  12. John999, and the others are correct here. You need to get your doctors to connect these conditions and when you get that you need another to do the same that you've seen.. surgeon ect... one might not be enough to persuade them but take this time to mount an attack of there defense and you can win this thing this is what they (VA) do. They put it in a way there is no hope or sounds that way... I was denied across the board and the VA made my denial sound as if I was lucky to keep the 40% I already had. Go with the DRO Hearing put a "face to the case" and hit them with the evidence... and lots of it, not just junk but the facts and very credible sources....good luck..Yogg
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