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  1. Thanks for that info Berta, I filed my intent to file yesterday. Do you know if I need a nexus letter if my military medical records show clearly that I not only was treated for Sinus condition but was discharged with a sinus condition. I would like to get rated for sinus and then file for sleep apnea secondary to sinus. Does this sound like a reasonable plan. I assume I have to wait until I get a ruling on the first before filing the second or any additional claims. As I stated I had an AO exam in I think 2007. Would it be worth trying to schedule another exam and bring my current documentation with me. I knew basically nothing when I went for the first exam. I don't think filing for the Myeloma will get approved as long as the diagnosis states smoldering. As soon as my numbers cross that level I will be filing for that because it is presumptive.
  2. Realize this is old post but, wanted to add this note. About 3 yrs ago I filed for tinnitus and other hearing problems. These cases never showed up in Ebenefits. Spoke with them and they blamed tech support. Tech support in turn blamed ebenifits. Long story short. Tinnitus approved and I get check and to this day still doesn't show up in ebenefits.
  3. Wow, You guys rock!!!! I've learned more in the last few posts than I could get from the VA in years. I can tell this will be a learning event, with the best instructors available. Hands on experience. Can any of you direct me to a list of acronyms used by the VA or military so I can fully understand the posts. I already am aware that I qualify for Blue water. I have copies of the Ships Log documenting dates and locations. I also have my Medical records that I ordered last year. Berta, i use the VA for drugs mostly but was seeing a DR every 6 months before Covid. He was willing to help me but have not been in to see him for over a year due to Covid.I also have seen many private specialist and have records of those available. My rheumatologist was the most help in referring me to the other specialist. She has been the most help for me so far.I have asked other Dr's to submit a letter for me and find them hesitant. Most are just interested in giving you 10 min and go to the next door. Health care has become a big business with Cash Flow overruling the Hippocratic Oath that they took. Where are these two drs located? Ellis and the other one that GB suggested I believe. I think I mentioned that I am considering going to the Univ of Ark at Little Rock for a second opinion. They are highly recommended being a specialist in Myeloma. Again my thanks!
  4. Thanks for the responses fellows and you too Berta! Married mine in 69 and she still has me hooked. Did something right. GBarmy, I'm not so much interested in the medals. Many more deserve them than me. I'm 76 and still working part time so a little disability pay would go a long way' Not sure where to put the following so I will post and see if ya'll can direct me from here. I made a list of my "defects" and would like some opinions as to the order I should pursue them. These are some of my conditions: 1-Tinnitus 10% 2-Rt ear has severe drop in hearing as opposed to left. Denied for disability no claims yet 3-Diagnosed with CIDP. 4-Severe neuropathy both lower legs and feet. Now starting in hands and wrist. 5-Presently being monitored for Multiple Myeloma at Cancer center. Diagnosed as smoldering Myeloma but numbers are steadily rising. 6-Severe sleep apnea w/as many as 70 apneas an hr. Could be secondary to sinus Infections. Documented problem with severe sinus 2 weeks before discharge at Naval Hospital in San Diego. 7-Severe breathing and wheezing problem. Have seen GP, Heart Dr, Pulmonologist, ENT, Neurologist and rheumatologist. Nothing found except had surgery to remove left thyroid. It was so large that it was crushing my trachea. No cancer and it improved my breathing but has gotten worse again. 8-Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Any thoughts on which to file for first, and should I try filing my own claim or work with my state veterans office. I have most all of the paperwork needed and don't mind bird dogging it but still I know an error could set me back more time than I may have. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi Berta, Perhaps we crossed paths in Da Nang. More likely we were getting some of their supplies to them. I was aboard the USS Calvert APA-32 and we were station ship in Da Nang harbor from approx oct 65 to late Jan 66. We were charged with offloading the merchant marine ships that arrived in the harbor with supplies. As the ranking P.O. I had to keep the fleet of boats running to perform our mission. All I remember is very little sleep and a whole lot of work. I got out in April 66 and I can truthfully say that I was never informed of or given any info on the VA, Like him I just wanted out and to go home. The night we got underway from Da Nang we participated in a special op mission a few miles from Da nang to drop off a special team. One of our boats dropped a shaft and sunk on the beach. I was asked to volunteer and go in to repair and drive the boat back to the ship as I was the only experienced one that could do it. Got that done and was promised a cross and commendation by the XO but it never appeared. That mission doesn't even show in the ships log. Only thing on my DD214 is Vietnam Service Medal (not issued) I'm not in the best health and finally decided that I am going to pursue some disability altho 76 is kinda late but I guess I deserve it as much as the others that served.
  6. Hi Everyone, USN 62-66 EN2 , Da Nang 1965-66. Been lurking for awhile and decided to come aboard. Trying to understand that mysterious word VA. bbirder2
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