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  1. Your denial stated, "The braces that were issued to you by this prosthetic department are designed to not cause wear and tear to the clothing, even when worn for an extensive amount of time. Therefore we must deny your claim for clothing allowance based on this reason." Back when you were approved for the clothing allowance, the decision was still the responsibility of the RO. If the record showed that prosthetics issued some type of device for a service connected knee (for example), the rater would have no way to know if you were issued a simple elastic knee sleeve or a high speed unloade
  2. VBA does not require a release of information to obtain Social Security records, as they are in Federal custody. When you apply for IU, SHARE is queried to determine if you are in receipt of SS disability. If you are, the VSR simply faxes a request to the SS office of jurisdiction. (Usually it takes a second request to get the records). There is information sharing between Federal agencies routinely. VA periodically runs a query of IRS records for vets in receipt of income-dependent benefits (NSCP).
  3. not under the table VI or VIa criteria. you almost have to be deaf as a post to get a compensable rating for hearing loss.
  4. $1500 plus shipping! The last Bash opinion I saw was lame; too easy to rip apart. Bet my vet was pissed! But hey, whatever gets you the shekels. It's all about the shekels.
  5. no it is not a gaf score. a mental health screen is not a diagnosis. the gaf (global assessment of functioning) will be assigned in conjunction with a confirmed diagnosis.
  6. I've seen Dr. Bash's work. I wouldn't pay money for it. He's basically got a fill-in-the blank system, quotes a few easily refutable cites, and makes unsupportable conclusions. How much does he charge?
  7. IMHO, there should never be a case where an attorney is needed. There is enough info and support on this site to permit the vet to prosecute his own claim. All a lawyer does is take a cut of your back pay. Do a little digging around in the regulations, and you can get a feel for the system. It's not rocket science. Lawyers always slow down the process, as do Congressionals.
  8. I wouldn't bother to send in copies of regulations, your rater has them all on his desk. In my humble opinion, some of the advice on this forum is counter-productive. Why on earth would you send the DRO a copy of his job description? Why would you waste your time sending in regulations that the rater already knows? What is the point? To show that you know what you are doing? They know what they are doing as well. And you are more likely than not to antagonize him/her. More than a few raters read some of the rude stuff some vets write and think, "Screw this jerk. I'll deny him and let
  9. It doesn't matter how many diagnoses you have for your low back, they will all be counted as one disability. This is because there is a law against "pyramiding," or using the same symptoms to support separate evaluations. Just like it doesn't matter how many psychiatric diagnoses you have, they will all be evaluated as one disability, so it is with additional diagnoses for the low back. Your back is evaluated based on limitation of motion. An evaluation of 50 percent for the low back is not assigned unless you have no motion at all in the lumbar spine. There is an exception for interv
  10. TS, if NEKOIINU is newly discharged from the military and on TDRL, then there is zero chance that permanency will be conceded at this time. NEKOIINU, since you are not seeing a medical provider, the statement of your C&P examiner, who apparently provided a medical opinion that you are not competent to manage your VA benefits, will prevail. You need another medical opinion to challenge it, a letter from you citing your bills will not do it, because the rater is required to follow the prevailing medical opinion. If you are in Mexico and not under care this is a real problem. Bipol
  11. donews, it is absolutely worth it for your brother to submit a claim for benefits, and do it as soon as possible. You didn't say when your brother was in the military, but the older the case is the less likely it is to have a record of any line of duty investigation. His emergency treatment records may show that he was intoxicated, and that would mean the rater would refer the case to the adjudicator for a formal finding regarding whether benefits could be paid based on the incident. But I don't know too many who have the stomach to deny a badly disabled vet based on a single episode of int
  12. I cited the applicable parts of your post. In decision number 14, a finding of incompetency has been proposed. That is different from a final action. They are giving you a 60 day period of time to disagree with the proposed action. They will not pay you until the final action is taken, and a guardian is set up for you, and then they will pay the guardian, not you. It could take a minimum of 120 days for you to see any money at all. If I were you I would not permit the finding of incompetency to become final without a fight. To fight it, you would write a letter stating that you "disagre
  13. Looks like what happened is they have found you totally, but not permanently, disabled. As the last poster has noted, you may disagree with the proposed incompetency, and you need to do that within 30 days. They will not necessarily order another examination, you can avoid that by getting a letter from your doctor stating that you are capable of managing your VA benefits. My concern is the "appointment which will be set at a later date." That means that you are scheduled for a future review examination, and your 100 percent is not permanent. You did not get awarded Chapter 35 did you?
  14. Ricky is right, ADD is a disorder of childhood, and not something one can develop from military service. That said, I have seen ADD service connected. It depends on the rater. All claims are worth a try. But if one has co-existing MDD, I would pursue that, instead. The ADD will not help or hurt the depression claim, since you get only get one evaluation regardless of the number of diagnoses.
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