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  1. Thank you for the reply. I was reading the questions for wrist and hand conditions. It will be mobility which has been bothering me. Do you think loss of mobility will be added seperate and not count as pyramiding?
  2. Hello fellow vets, I have a c&p exam next week for right hand pain and arthritis. I am currently SC for: 70% amputation of right index and middle fingers, post mortar explosion. 10% Scars right hand 10% osteo stumps with ankylosis of remaining 2 fingers. 20% right shoulder strain 10% right wrist sprain 10% tinnitus 50% ptsd. I am curious about possible pyramid issues, but would arthritis or carpal tunnel be added to my current hand conditons? Va math will have me at 100% if I get another 30%. Any information would be appreciated!
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