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  1. How about from a rater side? Does it give them more ease or credibility if the claim is submitted by a VSO? Am I able to put everything in myself, and still have it show that I am represented by that particular VSO as a contact? Thanks
  2. Hey, as title suggests, a few questions - I am filing my first claim, which, in a perfect world, would have been done right after service, but it has been 8 years now through struggles to find the right diagnosis an getting treatment wrt mental health (I have another post as well). I have been working through a VSO, who took a look at my mil records, but not my civilian records, and we have been doing a little work to identify which conditions to claim. I am wondering if it what is quicker, more efficient, better for all parties involved, etc... Should I just pull up the va.gov
  3. Many thanks for all the replies, these are all very full of relevant info and are helpful to me. I appreciate all these answers and am reviewing them. Currently I am leaning towards giving consent to access all records, as well as perhaps sending the full records on my own, along with my personal statements. My psychiatrist has requested that I basically give her my personal statement for her benefit, so she can review and get a full picture of the timeline and progression of the mental health side. I would like to have a letter from my my psych and therapist with the needed wording.
  4. Thank you for this reply. My military records are full and untouched, no issues there. With regards to trust for my VSO - that is definitely not my issue here. I think he is a great rep. My concern is perhaps that we are not doing enough up front to give the VA. That they might take my inability to be fully vulnerable with my mental health providers over the first several years after military service (denial of depression, etc...), as a *lack* of symptoms. My thought is that if I can work with my psych and therapist to get documentation, it will be a more directed and encompassing picture
  5. Hi All - I am new to the community, just found you guys a few days ago, because I had concerns about my initial claims process. My question is: Which is better - telling the VA to pull my records, or give them the records and letters I have or will get? It has been eight years since I separated, and because of my mental health condition (depression, PTSD symptoms, anxiety) and just trying to fit into civilian life, I have been unable to begin my claims process. With the help of friends and family, I have now been able to do things like go through my military records (diff
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