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  1. I want to share my experience. Last time, I requested VA 1-800-827-1000 for my C&P exam (my cataracts) that I attended in October 2019 with QTC (VA contact company), and I received it a few days later without any problem and didn't need any form. It didn't have problem. If the C&P exam did at VA CBOC, it will automatic appear on my medical record (VA.gov) after 30 days. Then I had another C&P exam/DBQ for my OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) on November 11, 2020 with LHI (VA contact company), so I waited for 30 days, and I called VA 1-800-827-1000 on December 14, 2020 to r
  2. Thank you for your reply pacmanx1. You are correct; I have 6 disabilities and sorry about the confusing. I just really, really understand how VA's combined rating works, and I appreciate that you spend your time to answer because it's a knowledge for me.
  3. Hi, I have a question about my combined rating evaluation. I filed disabilities compensation for my insomnia secondary to my tinnitus and my OSA/Obstructive Sleep Apnea secondary to my insomnia on July 31, 2020. VA approved my insomnia 50% assigned from July 31, 2020 but denied my OSA, so my rating disabilities is up from 70% to 80%, and the rating decision indicated: 20% from Jan 22, 1975 30% from Apr 23, 1979 60% from May 31, 2007 70% from Sep 21, 2019 80% from Jul 31, 2020 (got my lef
  4. Thank you Buck52 and pacmanx1 In 1979, I didn't have chance to see my C&P psychiatric examination. Only received the denying from VA, and my representative didn't say anything. Result in did nothing so it's final. My fault that I never doubt in anything, I believed in everything VA told me! I never questions too. I just thought why VA granted my tinnitus 10%, hearing loss 0% and scarred par tensa (otitis media) 0%, but denied my nervous condition. I filed compensation benefits for them at the same time in 1979. If VA approved my hearing disorder, it should approve my nervous co
  5. Thank you for your kindly reply. I think re-open claim might be a better way because I can add new and relevant evidences and I think it still can get the benefit of doubt too. May I ask, please. Re-opened claim needs VA form 20-0995 supplemental claim, correct?
  6. Thank you for your help. After I tried to withdrawn the supplemental claim for my anxiety because I thought it was not CUE, the public contact coach of VA called me and informed me that it's CUE not supplemental claim. He said the system didn't let him put CUE, there was no option for CUE that's why it shows as supplemental claim, so I guessed it means VA didn't withdrawn my supplemental claim. I see it's still shows on my account on VA.gov as supplemental claim, so I'm not sure it's CUE (like I want/as he informed me) or it's supplemental claim, and I also get an examination appointmen
  7. Thank you for your help and reply. I filed my tinnitus, hearing loss, scarred par tensa and anxiety in 1979. I got tinnitus 10%, hearing loss 0%, scarred par tensa 0% and denied anxiety. Then I have so much trouble with my mental condition along with my stressor in life (my SC knee pain, family, job, sleep etc.), and it led me to attempt suicide few times. In and out hospitals, and I went to see several psychiatrists. I filed MDD in 1993, but VA denied. I'm going to take MDD back too. Mine is a long story with suffering health issues and circumstance in life! However, I have my curr
  8. Thank you for your help. This is the psychiatric examination in 1979. I think it was clear that I already have anxiety and it worsening because of my hearing disorder/hearing problem (my tinnitus and hearing loss) as the psychiatrist indicated, "This patient's hearing disorder is an irritating sort of stress which increases his anxiety level and results in irritability and poor temper control." VA granted my tinnitus 10% and hearing loss 0% the same time, same year (1979) but denied my nervous condition.
  9. This happened to my diabetes mellitus claim that I filed since 2007. VA denied it and it just back and forth between VA and my former representative until I tried to look at it seriously myself for months since 2018 to 2019 before I found that there was only one way to win my claim; I had to go to NPRC in St. Louis, MO to get the AF 183/morning report. I went there and got it and submit to VA. Fortunately, the AF 183/morning report was there because I have nothing to proof I was in RVN. Anyway, the VARO didn't approve the effective date back to 2007, but I had to ask and VA found that my AF 18
  10. Thank you for your help. I appreciate and thank you so much for your advise and reply. However, the psychiatric examination dated 10-17-1979 that I just see, is not a new evidence because it was in my C-files (2,406 pages) that I received in February 2019. I took time to read and learn for year. I have to read them again and again to understand the reason why VA denied my nervous condition. Then do a lot of researches until I think VA just missed or ignored this evidence which VA had it all the time and it was in my claim; it was there all of this time. I was misunderstood by VA denying
  11. Hello, I am new here. I read many answers and discussions from a lot of nice people here that help the others. I accept that I have to bother nice people here for my CUE/Clear and Unmistakable Error. My former representative didn't care anything; they just request VA to increase my SC knee disability (20%) and SC hearing loss (0%) every ten years but nothing...VA kept denied. That's why I try to do the research and learn by myself. I'm a veteran who served during1958-1966, and I was speedy discharge in 1966 at Ubon Base, Thailand with PAPD/Passive Aggressive personality disorder which I have n
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