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  1. UPDATE: I got two letters from the VA, printed 10 days apart but arrived to me the same day. One stated that the error they made was in not assisting me to get enough information. The other says they need lay statements. Does anyone have any advice on this? I have two buddys who served with me on my last deployment in town that I think would be up for writing about me bitching about my "old knees". Here's exactly what it says they need: "We need Lay Statements from individuals having knowledge of your claimed conditions such as other service members who would have witnessed your kne
  2. Thank you all for your support! When I go to reply the only option at the bottom is "insert image from URL" and I obviously don't have this online. I'd be happy to upload it if I could. Maybe it's something about my new member status? Current Service Connected Issues: 10% Tinnitus (2012), 30% Other Specified Anxiety Disorder (2016), 10% Sinusitis, 10% Allergic Rhinitis (both approved from same exam where knees were denied in 2019) I'm not sure exactly what they have but the evidence says they have private treatment records for my knees, VA medical records and the last thing to arriv
  3. I have roughly one million questions but I'll try to keep it simple. This is the first time I am appealing a denied claim (though not my first denied claim - I currently have 50% combined). Almost exactly one year after my C&P exam I finally got a denial for both of my knees). I did a HLR informal conference and now my va.gov status says "The VBA is correcting an error". Here is the decision I received on Dec. 7th after the Higher Level Review (sorry I couldn't figure out how to add image) and below that are my questions. Decision: 1. A duty to assist error has been identified
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