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  1. Bravo, Georgia! I won about a year ago and have not come out of orbit yet! Thanks to Hadit.com. :D
  2. This is a gathering of evidence by the rater to decide your case on. The rater can not decide in your favor or against you with out good evidence. Make sure the rater sees all evidence in your favor. Ask the examiner if they have read your c-file. Get copy of C&P exam and make sure your evidence is in there and going to be seen by the rater. If the evidence is not strong get an IMO. These test, opinions may carry the day. I had two C&P's and neither of the examiners were aware that I had an ENG that proved my case. When I told them that, they added it to the record. I won. Take copies
  3. Rickey. I went to Montgomery to find out what was going on with my claim. The VA guy said it was still at the raters. The AL Vet rep said it was still in development. Depressed I drove south on I 65. This did not calculate with what I had learned on Hadit.com. What I had learned of the process. When I got home, the award letter was on the table. It was still there the next day! http://www.hadit.com/forums/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png' alt=':lol:'> Good luck Captain Rick.
  4. I have had two claim decisions. After C&P Exam, both took about 2 months.
  5. Congratulations LJ. Good to hear it. I have only been looking at the forum about a year. Seems there have been a lot of wins lately. Lake Belton sounds like a good move. Plenty of room there to contemplate the win. It will take a while. I have not "come down" yet. http://www.hadit.com/forums/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png' alt=':lol:'> Congratulations, Bravo, Amen.
  6. Well done troop. Enjoy.It will take a while to calm down. ;) Get your letter from VARO and go out to Maxwell and get your ID. Call ahead, was 2 hour wait when I went. Letter from VARO, Award letter, Marr cert for wife, Birth cert. for children.
  7. This guy is not service connected at all. Has insurance. Need to have the VA doctors examine him for PTSD. Perhaps it would be better to get IMO on this? Then if positive have him go to VA for treatment and file claim then. I filed for PTSD myself and the first time I saw a doc was at C&P exam. Of course, I was low balled.He needs help and I need to get him into the program, regardless of a claim. Has HBP witch I think is related to the PTSD. Yes, it could be some other disorder, but will let the doctors say that. I think the IMO is the way to go.
  8. Does someone have to be diagnosed with PTSD to see a VA doctor for PTSD?
  9. Army Rangers and Airforce personnel stationed at Eglin AFB in Northwest Florida were exposed to Agent Orange. http://www.vva.org/veteran/1007/ao_spraying.html http://www.nal.usda.gov/speccoll/findaids/...range/intro.htm
  10. People are lazy, for the most part.I got SSD and 100%PT by doing as much of the work as possible, myself.I downloaded the forms I needed from the net, filled them out and when that form was for release of medical information from Doctors/ Hospitals I went to those places and sent in the information that the form ask for, with the form requesting that information. Same with employment history. In the case of SSD I did that on line. Most of the work is done once you type in your information. All they have to do is make a decision. 7 weeks! ;) The VA now offers online claim filing. I am sure tha
  11. I am just starting the process. We have not filed for anything yet.It will be in his SMR where he hurt his back and where he went to the mental doc.By the way, where he refused a direct order to get on a helicopter, that same helicopter crashed the next week killing all on board. He would have been on it. B) His back was hurt at 19 catching a bomb from rolling off a truck. He has worked all these years so we have a very weak case there. In this case I want it to be a matter of record even if he gets 0%, in case he has worse trouble later. Same with the AO exposed. He is 60. If we claim A O ex
  12. My brother was a munitions specialist stationed in Panama Canal USAF, around 1968-9.A small AF plane crashed on a bombing range where they had used Agent Orange. A team of MS had to go out with the crash investigative team as they were trained in "what not to mess with" in unexploded ordinance. He said the place was just covered in Agent Orange. B) He has the name rank and serial number of the people on the squad with him. Was good friends with a few and even has the phone number of one of them. He developed a skin rash then that he has today. Don't think he went to the doctor with it.In Thai
  13. Sir, I did not mean to sound Adversarial, I am in agreement with you. Life in prison may be worse punishment than death. I am more concerned with the deterrent effect on crime, public or privet execution has. I am a bit left and sometimes right of center. Lables don't work. The mechanism is in our laws because all politicians use to be lawyers and it is a make work project for lawyers.(my Opinion). :P Thank God we live in a country where we can have an opinion. If more people are against Capital punishment than for it, that is the way it should be. We need to vote on it. If I were on death row
  14. THIS INFORMATION COMES FROM AN ORGINIZATION OPPOSED TO CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. The democrats will quote a study from the Brookings Institute. Republicans, The Heritage Foundation. That is because the Dem own the Brookings institute and the Rep. own the Heritage Foundation. They are designed to make them look good. That is their purpose. This organization is designed to fight against the death penalty. http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/art...199&scid=15 One would expect them to slant statistics in their favor, it is their job. What they get paid to do.In China, once convicted, your
  15. " God said thou shall not Kill...."Technically, this is a mistranslation of the Hebrew "Thou shall not Murder"."Murder- the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought".(DW)Right, God said thou shalt not Murder. He rape and murder and mutilated more than 5 times.I am pro life, that's why I want this SOB dead. :P "only God has the right to terminate life ", Fine, kill him for doing Gods work. You can't have it both ways.
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