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  1. I had a DRO Review call last week. My question is when I receive a decision from the DRO review what is the time limit (does the DRO Review start the time clock back to one to one year again) to decide on the next step Supplemental or NOD. Just trying to stay ahead of the decision making, depending on what the DRO review decision is. Also same question for the supplemental review, is that the same, does the time clock start over, and is it one year or sooner reply from me to decide on NOD for appeal to the BVA?
  2. Buck52 and John999, Great info, thanks for the reply's, Information is very helpful and appreciated. Guess I will just submit the appeals package as is without asking for a percentage and see what I get.
  3. Thanks for the reply pacmanx1, this appeal case was remanded Feb, 2019, the original appeal was for Service Connection for left ankle, right hip, right knee, and right foot. The service connection for left ankle, right hip, right knee were all awarded 10% for pain, which I now will have to appeal for a higher percentage rating, but that is a different issue right now. My concern is that my right foot, still under appeal, and I'm in the process of sending the Board of Appeals new evidence: Foot DBQ from Ortho Surgeon, support statements, etc., (due April, 20th) the service connection
  4. I searched the forums but did not see this in the appeals section. I have a pending appeal for my right foot for service connection, and I'm in the process of sending a statement to the Board of Appeals. My question is can I ask the Appeals Board for a percentage rating prior to winning the appeal for right foot service connection. My reasoning is, if I just send the Appeals Board my statement without requesting a percentage and I win the appeal for right foot service connection, then I might have to file another appeal if the RO gives me a lower percentage, and wait anothe
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