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  1. Hi Everyone, sorry for not replying sooner, but I wanted to wait for my letter to come, and as such, I finally got my denial letter today. Apparently I was severely abused as a child and didn't know it? That was not what I told her. I told her I was aware that my father was abusive before he stopped drinking, which happened before I was born, as he developed epilepsy after a motorcycle accident and could no longer drink alcohol due to the medication he takes. While my living situation wasn't great just before I entered service due to my parents divorcing (I was still 17), I had no symptoms of depression or anxiety before my time in service. Apparently she wrote "The etiology of his depression and anxiety is his troubled and abusive childhood, not the ringing in his ears" I swear this lady has got to be a nut and should have her medical license revoked. Wow, I read stuff like this happens, but just wow. Should I call the VA and complain? I just can't believe this. The only event that occurred that I was afraid would be a problem was my grandfather(who I was very close to) being diagnosed with terminal cancer while I was in training (which happened while I was in service) and by the time I found out and received the emergency order from the red cross to visit him he was already in hospice care and could no longer speak. I came to understand years ago that it was a PTSD event and that is why I developed and still have such anxiety when ever I have to visit a doctor or hospital. Ever since then, I just don't trust doctors and always feel like they are doing something nefarious even though I know they are not. But that isn't what has been driving me crazy and keeping me up at night. It's the ever slowly worsening, constant headaches, migraines, and buzzing in my head for 20 years and constantly feeling like I can't be normal and sleep like a normal person. Sorry for the rant, but what the heck! I should have known this lady was a nut when she told me 6 hours of sleep is great after I told her I get between 0 and 6 hours of sleep each night.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have a question if someone out there is willing to help. I have been applying and moving through my disability claims with the VA for about a year now. I've been doing it by myself and have been able to get my primary tinnitus (10%) with secondary migraines (30%) both service connected. I also tried to connect my mental health issue as secondary to my tinnitus, but I know that it really is it's own issue and I'm pretty sure that is what's going to come back from the C&P exam I had. (The exam was a horrible experience for me, I believe the examiner purposefully gave me a horrible panic attack at the end just to see what would happen and it took me close to an hour to stop freaking out) I'm still waiting for my decision letter from the VA, but I figure I'm going to have to re-apply with the mental heath issue as a primary condition. The issue is, that my copy of my supposedly complete military record that I received does not have any of my leave shown, nor does it show the event ever happened, and I believe it would be very helpful, if not necessary for my claim, to show that I was granted emergency leave through a request that was initiated by the red cross, started by my mother. Does anyone know where or how I can go about getting those records? The time period was around February of 1999. I know I can have family generate buddy statements attesting to such, but I'm not really comfortable talking to my family about this at this point in time and would prefer to use hard proof of the event. Any help or recommendations anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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