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  1. When I received TDIU permanent and total, my VSO stated, "The VA will not relook at your claim unless you ask them to." Maybe it's different with P&T
  2. Hi, The VA awarded me TDIU P&T. My current rating is 70%. Does the TDIU alone qualify for ChampVA's requirements? Thanks
  3. My concerns relate to benefits, such as SSDI, county property taxes and disabled veteran license plate. The applications state that the veteran must be 100% permanently and totally disabled. I'm worried that even though my TDIU is P&T, and I am paid at the 100% level, my actual service-connected rating is not 100%. I'm worried that the agencies will not see me as 100% rated...
  4. Hi, Last week, I was awarded P&T TDIU for a claim that was previously awarded 70% mental health disability rating. Should I now appeal the 70% mental health rating? The word "total" is difference between a 70% and 100% mental health rating, as I read the information. Is P&T unemployable possibly considered as a 100% disability rating? Thanks
  5. I'm took anxious to wait for the decision letter which was mailed today (5.24), so I'm looking for feedback on what I do know. The decision was mailed today, 7 days after the evidence gathering was completed. A D&C exam was scheduled but the decision was made with the exam. My e-benefits page has not changed from my previous 70%. Should the e-benefits site change if awarded TDIU? Any ideas on what this MAY indicate? Thanks,
  6. @Berta, thank you for your help! I've got much to consider!! If I remember, I'll come back and update the outcome. Thanks again, AC
  7. I am not diagnosed with Alz. I've been SC for depression for many years, but about 1 year ago, the psych MD changed it to bi-polar. I have not submitted a bipolar claim. Yes, I've been advised to submit a claim for my MRI and PET diagnosed pathologies. James Madison (G), Henry L. Stimson (B). Thank you for continuing our conversation
  8. Your comments are helping me process my case for submitting additional evidence supporting my case. I now wonder if I should include research studies supporting connections between submarine atmospheres and toxicity! Here are my thoughts: Evidence of submarine environments is lacking. But I found one or two studies indicating that sub environments are generally not detrimental. However, the studies tested a few of the possible exposures. If I need to appeal, I will argue that many neurotoxic chemicals are neither monitored or cleaned by a boat's scrubbers or filters. An older Navy report on submarine atmospheres identified 125 potential toxic items, of which only 12 were studied. LINK, page 127. Also, there is evidence that diesel particulate matter may be neurotoxic. LINK. I will also argue that there is no evidence supporting or refuting relationships between toxic submarine items and their effects on neurocognitive functioning. I can not provide specific exposures as many toxic elements are not monitored. But, the VA received the following letter outlining my case.
  9. I have an MRI showing something called "hypersensates" (not sure of spelling. This led to a PET scan which showed "areas of hypometabolism". Interestingly, radiologist's PET scan report stated that the the results may indicate Alzheimer's. But, I've not been diagnosed with Az, yet. I have a SSDI case pending. I don't think I qualify for voc rehab because I've been out of the Navy for so long.
  10. Yes, the TDIU form was in the award letter packet. I was not employed. I sent the neuro the "correct" verbiage, but he wrote his own words. He won't change what's already written in my record. This the note:
  11. Per the VA rep, the code is, "Diagnostic Code 9326 - Organic Mental Syndrome (dementia)". She thinks they are static. Why is does the claim say "mild neurocognitive disease due to brain lesions (previously rated major depressive disorder", when the code is actually dementia? Thank you.
  12. Per the neuro, the cause of brain pathology is neurotoxic exposures. He stated that with age, the condition will deteriorate, which is why I'm only now seeing the effects. The exposures occurred about 30 years ago during submarine ops. Your comments are appreciated!
  13. Stopped all employment in December 2020. I don't know if it matters but my jobs were part-time professional medical services (not medical doctor) and part-time teaching at local college. These are the jobs the employers documented my cognitive and behavioral issues. This is my first TDIU application so I'm unsure of what to expect. Thanks for commenting.
  14. I was awarded 50% depression in 2016. I submitted a claim for memory loss and cognitive problems. The decision changed my depression rating to mild cognitive disorder and increased to 70% disability. This is the recent award mentioned in my original post. Something that I didn't mention is there is radiological verified brain damage and reported by the neurologist as the cause of my cognitive disorder. I'm waiting for LHI to schedule my exam. It should be very soon. Thanks for commenting!
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