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  1. In preparing my case, we heavily reviewed previous BVA decisions. And although they are non binding they provided a mount of information. It is less than desirable in my opinion how the VA tries to make it hard to claim compensation. Thank you
  2. Yes, I was wondering if the base minimum still applied. I can tell by the totality of the responses there is not a singular answer per se. Your response has been extremely insightful...pun intended. Thank you
  3. Hello, Does anyone know how the VA rates keratoconus currently? The diagnostic code is 6035. I am new to all this and have been unsuccessful in finding the specifics using the VASDR. I have been diagnosed with bilateral keratoeonus and would like to better inform myself on how it is rated. I am awaiting a decision back from the VA but my case and evidence is overwhelming. To date, I have found only one article dating back to 2008 that appeared to show the minimum rating use to be 30% but I am unable to gauge the accuracy. Any assistance is helpful.
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