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  1. Hi Everyone, On January 7, VA contractor, VES, did my C&P exam . After nearly pulling teeth trying to get a copy of the exam from the VA, I finally got it a few days ago. Although the doctor found that I have the condition and found that it was caused by military service, she was way off with her box checks for my symptoms--missing or ignoring several of my symptoms. Also, her assessment of my symptoms conflicted with my privately provided DBQ. It's frustrating because I answered the questions the same way with both doctors. Can I challenge/dispute the VES contractor's C&
  2. Hello Everyone, This is my first post. Glad I found this website. Seems like you have some great resources and helpful people here. But as a new member of the community, it's pretty overwhelming trying to sort through everything. Ah, I'll figure it out in time. Background: On January 19, 2021, the VA sent me its decision letter on my PTSD claim. I don't agree with their decision--let alone understand it. Question: How much time do I have under the law, federal regulations, or whatever authority applies to challenge their decision? Although this sounds like a simple qu
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