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  1. The whole situation is bizarre. Once we found out that the doctor didn't return the exam report, I contacted the VA, who said I had to deal with LHI. I call LHI (literally) every day to ask what is being done. I've requested a new exam. LHI said that only the VA can authorize that. The VA says that LHI has to tell them the doctor didn't respond. I've asked LHI how long they will continue to reach out to the doctor before they finally say "ok, time for a different provider." No one knows the answer. I've called my husband's VSO. No help. I'll called the VBA at the regional office. She reached out to LHI. They told the VBA the same thing they told me. The VBA suggested I "give it a few more weeks." I have filed a complaint with OIG, and my husband has contacted our local Senator's office for help, but we haven't heard anything. Here is the reason for the urgency. My husband is scheduled for an MRI on his lower back, which is one of the issues covered on the missing C&P report. His surgeon wants to do surgery ASAP. If that happens, he will not be able to repeat the C&P until he's healed from surgery, because he won't be able to do any of the ROM tests. He will also be off work for quite a while, so he's worried about not having income. AND he's in a lot of pain, so he doesn't want to push off the surgery any farther than he already has. It's a huge cluster at this point.
  2. LHI contracted with a doctor who is licensed only in South Dakota and Nebraska to perform my husband's C&P exam in Iowa. Can the doctor do an exam in a state where he is not licensed? He did the exam on 12/31/20, but as of today (March 12, 2021) has not returned the exam report to LHI. LHI has reached out to him repeatedly. I have even found out where he practices, called his assistant and asked that he return the report. He will not respond to anyone. The VA has close (denied) my husband's claim without these results, so it has to be appealed. Just trying to figure out WHY this doctor would drive 8 hours, perform a 2.5 hour exam, drive 8 hours back home, and not do what is needed to get paid for his time?
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