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  1. Buck52, thank you too for your input. Is there a form that I need to use and is it simple to complete? I am hoping it is simple and will allow me some time to gather new evidence to rebut their denials. Weird thing is that I have not seen an official denial letters showing the items that were denied. I guess I will get such a letter? I would appreciate the HOW information. Truly appreciate everyone that provides input. Stay safe!
  2. Thank you for the input pacmanx1. I am worried that I only have less than 60 days to file a rebuttal. I would like to see my C-FILE so I can understand why I was denied. However, it seems as though such a request will take 3-6 months to receive it. How then can I rebut these denied claims? I guess I need to learn some strategy on how to go to the next step and I am hoping I will get an answer here. It's also strange as I have not officially received any documents or decision letters showing that I was denied for these other claims that were made all at the same time.
  3. I need help. I first applied for benefits in 2016 and was denied in 2017 because the VA could not find my medical records. I was able to locate my medical records and I did a NOD. I filed again for the conditions and sent in my medical records. Fast forward to 2019. I was able to get C&P Exams at the end of 2019 and Jan 2020. My Sleep Apnea exam took about 3 minutes or so...questions were: When did you enter AD? When did you retire? Do you have a CPAP? I had submitted a buddy letter from the EX and my medical records showed weight gain, snoring, ENT problems, etc.I answered the questions a
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