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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/xJxECYN8K7aJSghz5
  2. I can tell you right now what the reason was. While I was active duty, they erroneously diagnosed me as having a personality disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder. They did not know or understand why I was having problems while serving. It was due to my MST. I didn't file for PTSD until 2019. I was approved and my rating went up from 50 to 70. I have been in contact with the VA for med control and talk therapy since then but I noticed that my symptoms have not gotten better so I filed for 100% unemployability seeing as I haven't been able to hold down any jobs since I got out 7 years
  3. I received my decision letter today stating that they lowered my ptsd rating from 70 to 50. They also dropped anxiety and alcohol use. I'm currently pregnant and that is the only reason why I'm not hurting myself but it's only a matter of time before I fall into old habits. I'm doing my best to follow through on therapy with the VA but I don't think I'm getting the best care and I'm afraid once I give birth, I will lose everything like I have in the past because of my ptsd. I feel like the VA isn't listening to my fears and I will keep wash, rinsing, and repeating myself. I want to appeal but
  4. I applied for 100% unemployability on my own after my VSO did nothing to help with the process back in February 2021. I received my decision this month stating that I was denied and was also reduced from 70% to 50% for PTSD and depression. They removed anxiety and alcohol use. When I was asked questions during my C&P they kept asking me what happened within the last year, not what happened since the date of injury, which was 2013. I'm not sure how to approach this issue any further. I want to appeal but I want my entire case looked at because I feel that I've been unjustly reviewed. What s
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