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  1. Thanks all!! You have all spoken honestly and as I am a veteran, actually an "oldie", with a new screen name, with Hadit, what you guys said is what I told him and his family!! I used Hadit in the early 2000's and in 2004, I won my 100% P & T bc of the help I received here! I'm am very grateful!!! Thank you again everyone!! Ill pass your information on but as y'all said, HE has to follow thru with the fight!!!
  2. Help! Veteran friend is Desert Storm vet, diagnosed with PTSD. The bad..... He has a general discharge under less than honorable conditions. He went AWOL for a short period of time after Desert Storm when his dad was diagnosed with cancer. The problem is that he was authorized to receive mental and physical care at local VA and has been going for the past 15 YEARS! ..with no problems. I encouraged him to to file a change bin Character of Service with the VA and DOD bc of war related PTSD. He has not filed, yet.......but started gathering evidence for this claim. Today, he gets told by local VA, the very one he has been going to 15+ years now, that he can no longer use them bc of his discharge. His mental health and medical health are bad. He has no insurance and has been getting all meds, live saving meds, thru the VA. Question...... Can they just cut him off like this??????? We will continue to work on a claim to, hopefully, change his character of service BUT......he is terrified and needs his medications!! Any advice????? Thank you all!!!
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