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  1. These Videos will show the side of being paralyzed ,,, One is Guillain Barre like I had only difference is its a Now a day type private Hospital where he had family and all that fancy Equipment that wasn't what was in a VA Hospital over 40 years ago... Myself I was many states away from Family,,my Wife an 2 children lived off base and she Came once with my Commander that drove her to the VA Hospital in Boston as the Base hospital said I was to severe to be treated there,, she Hooked up with another at the Base and moved away with him while I was Paralyzed in the VA so had nobody to care over me other than staff that was horrible,,abusive in so many ways and that's where the 2nd Video shows a young man trapped in a dead body for YEARS and you will hear his incredible story of recovery and the REAL LIFE ABUSE that does happen,,every Abuse he spoke of is exactly what I experienced in that VA Hospital..
  2. Myself I was given the 1976 Swine flu Vaccine while in the Army in 1976.. I was Paralyzed to the point I couldn't even close my eyes they had to tape them shut and when untapped I only saw double,,triple vision as it effected my ocular also.. I was a quadriplegic like this women in Video. I wont get into the Abuse at the Hands of the VA personal at this point..Thats a whole Hell of its own.. You all can see how in 1976 the CDC Lies.. Do you think they have Changed? You should educate yourself before getting these UNTESTED Vaccines ,,,
  3. Okay here is some info on what may happen from Vaccines in the Military.. https://www.disabledveterans.org/2018/04/21/anthrax-vaccine-five-things-need-know-leaked-army-memo/
  4. There has been many things that have come to light over the last couple decades an its Called (PICS). So if there are any Veterans that had spent any time in ICU may want to look up the many many studies on this and how it effects them after their stay..Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)
  5. There is a similar bill under consideration that would do the same at the federal level, Flaherty said. “We are trying to get the same thing done at the federal level for people who got a ‘less than honorable discharge,’” he noted. “There is a bill going through the House of Representatives right now. They should get these benefits, especially for PTSD and traumatic brain injury.” https://www.hudsonvalley360.com/article/bills-aim-get-veterans-benefits-they-earned
  6. Slowly but surely things are changing for us that suffer..This week, after New Yorkers commemorated Veterans’ Day, Senator Brad Hoylman and Assembly Member Didi Barrett’s Restoration of Honor Act (S.45B/A.8097) was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. This legislation would extend state veterans benefits to New Yorkers who were less than honorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, military sexual trauma, traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder. With the passage of this legislation, these veterans will now be able to access state benefits for which they were previously ineligible.https://www.sageusa.org/news-posts/electeds-restoration-of-honor-act-signed-into-law-finally-restoring-equal-rights-to-lgbtq-veterans/ https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2019/a8097
  7. Well I made it to 62 years of age! Still dealing with and waiting on things to happen with my OTH Discharge! Decades an decades time flies by and my service connected conditions get worse and worse.. I find it Ironic how anyone I mean anyone in this country being a citizen or not get hurt on a job and they get Compensation coverage for their injuries.. I believe service members whom fall under Administrative discharges that can receive MEDICAL for their service connected conditions should be able to collect Compensation.. But will it ever happen? They are just now starting to help OTH with PTSD... How about us that jumped through those years of Hoops and finally get service connected for PTSD and like some of us that are so fuked up with service connected conditions that we cant work and live the mental physical pain everyday!? When do we who suffer everyday get some sort of relief? I see it with Felon's who did their time getting new breaks like The federal government will no longer ask job applicants whether they have a criminal record, under a new policy..federal employment applications comes as part of a broader package of criminal-justice reforms. Will VA Disability Compensation stop if to prison?No. Your VA disability compensation payments will be REDUCED if you are convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and imprisoned for OVER 60 days (61+). Veterans rated 20 percent or more disabled are limited to the 10 percent disability rate during that time. If the vet's disability rating is 10 percent, the payment is reduced by one-half. Once released from jail/prison, the veteran's compensation payments may be reinstated based upon the severity of the service-connected disability or disabilities at that time. We all know its about the Money!! The VA picks and chooses depending on the $$COST$$ what we service disabled can get.. We with Loss of use can get Lower extremity orthotic devices.. We can get just so much the $$BUCK$$ stops at handicapped-accessible vehicle!!!.. see that cost lots $$$MONEY$$ who cares if we struggle everyday. We as a country seen to care about everyone's struggles who are severely disabled but NOT US OTH disabled.. we also get NO grants for our service-connected disabilities to adapt or purchase a home to accommodate the disability. I see in the VA system special consideration for severely disabled service connected BUT (NOT) for us with the same conditions with a OTH discharge.. I would like to know is their anyone out there in Hadit world that can tell me if with my OTH I can get a scooter and one of those lifts that attach to trailer hitch from the VA..?? I was issued a Manual wheel chair over a decade ago and a Medical electric hospital bed at the same time.. I really don't want to waste my time going into the VA and go through their BS if I cant get issued these. I called and sure enough I have to get a primary doctor.. Blah,,blah..blah.. just to get braces.. and see about getting a scooter,,ect and CPAP Supplies and medications for my service connected conditions.. May have to start PTSD treatment and my CO Payment has gotten so high I cant afford it ..sad because I have been with same Therapist for many many years in the private sector.. I relly need transport for a scooter as I cant do manual wheelchair..as my arms and hands to weak to do,,.. My wife can now no longer do as her hands arm are now to weak and she has only one hand because on was run over as a child be a lawn mower.. Anyways does anyone know if I have a chance of at least getting an Electric Power Chair Scooter Lift Carrier ?
  8. No Thank you for your service~!…. I didn't post this last post because of a C&P doctor or Exam...I went through my Exam years ago and I did'nt Kiss the doctors ass nor wanted to pay for anything~!.. During the Exam the Doctor became verbally abusive and my wife was there as a witness during the Exam ..she said she would CONTROL ME when she got done with me~! I said the F%%K you will~!..We went right to patient advocate in the hospital after the violent exam..she documented and then we went to Senators Office, In a short period she was GONE~! Patient advocate called us and thanked me for turning her in as many veterans hated her and were afraid of her... Proves they (the Doctor) Controls $$$ COMPENSATION$$ by their decisions BUT see I only get MEDICAL CARE so I didn't and to this day don't give a Chit and would do the same thing~~!.. I saw this same control when in 1977 as being assaulted verbally and physically the (Older Veterans) in the same room and they were able to sit up eat etc but were on Ventilators as and they did NOTHING to PROTECT ME... I never knew why for decades.. I know Now,,, I was only 19 and turned 20 years old paralyzed..to the point they had to tape my eyes shut because I couldn't even do that.. feeding tube..IV lines.. I was brought there from my Base because they couldn't care for me there so they shipped me to this HELL HOLE BOSTON VA JAMACIA PLAINS HOSPITAL... Like said before I was treated like a Scum.. It changed me~ from that time on I have never been the same~! F%%K the VA... My problem now is WHY no one cares what happened to me in there even decades ago when something could have been done to keep others from going through what I did and I'm sure many others ..Only response I got from VSO's that dealt with VA for decades say it was well known those type of ABUSE back then.. I SAY BULLCHIT..I been Messaging Boston VA Hospital and told of my abuse and DEMAND A FBI INVESTIGATION SINCE IS A FEDERAL BUILDING~!… This is what VA Therapist should have done decades ago when I told of my abuse~!
  9. Okay here to say a few things.. First I'm not giving up on my type Discharge and making it change~~~!! Second ~~ There was a time I asked if it was legal to tape when seeing a VA Therapist~!~ The reason being is they the (VA Therapist) seem to NOT report nor Mention MST when brought up to them the same goes for Physical and Verbal Abuse... Where is OUR ME TOO??????????? Why do WE not have FBI investigate when these Abuses may have taken place in a VA Hospital..Isnt it FEDERAL..Should'nt these Therapist REPORT in the records and then FBI~!??????? This is Total BS after seeing how things like this get attention when it comes to the Clergy and others that get accused~! This just burns my ass especially when abuse was done when someone was Helpless in a Hospital bed suffering paralysis~! I brought this up to my attorney that has handle these before and he said was common for them to IGNORE MST and ABUSE...If true they ignore >When is Enough a Enough?
  10. Been there done that young man... Be prepared for a long drawn out fight as we are considered the Bottom of the barrel when it comes to get any treatment from the VA. First thing you need to do is find a VSO to file a Claim for service connected disabilities or file yourself.. Finding a VSO may not be that easy.. Took me YEARS to find one.. Once you file your claim if anything like mine will take YEARS to get a decision.. and don't be surprised your claim gets lost also.. You also may want to find support of a Congressman or Senator as they may help speed up the Years your claim will take.. My claims I had a Senator get a Congressional liaison to make them give a decision.. now mind you mine were in over 6 years to make that happen and they had a limited time to answer and ALL my conditions were service Connected except ONE that they said they needed more time,, well that claim to this day 12 years going on 13 hasn't been answered.. last we heard they said there is no Claim so they must tossed it in the paper mulcher.. I have an attorney now that's working on it.. That may be who you want to contact also is attorney..
  11. A person discharged under conditions other than honorable on the basis of an AWOL period of at least 180 days is barred from receipt of VA benefits "unless such person demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Secretary that there are compelling circumstances to warrant such prolonged unauthorized absence. " 38 U.S.C.A. § 5303(a) ; 38 C.F.R. § 3.12(c)(6). Under 38 C.F.R. § 3.12(c)(6)(i-iii), the following factors are considered in determining whether there are "compelling circumstances" to warrant the prolonged unauthorized absence: (i) Length and character of service exclusive of the period of prolonged AWOL, and (ii) Reasons for going AWOL. Service exclusive of the period of prolonged AWOL should generally be of such quality and length that it can be characterized as honest, faithful and meritorious, and of benefit to the Nation. 38 C.F.R. § 3.12(c)(6)(i). Reasons for going AWOL which are entitled to be given consideration when offered by the claimant include family emergencies or obligations. The reasons for going AWOL are evaluated in terms of the person's age, cultural background, educational level, and judgmental maturity. Consideration is given to how the situation appeared to the person and not how the adjudicator might have reacted. Hardship or suffering incurred during overseas service, or as a result of combat wounds of other service-incurred or aggravated disability, is carefully and sympathetically considered in evaluating the person's state of mind at the time the prolonged AWOL period began. 38 C.F.R. § 3.12(c)(6)(ii).
  12. There are historical precedents for the executive use of the clemency power to correct perceived wartime injustices. On September 16, 1974, President Ford issued a proclamation pardoning individuals who had evaded the draft for the Vietnam War in violation of the Military Selective Service Act or who had deserted their troops in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice between August 1964 and March 1973.24 In order to receive pardons under the proclamation, the “draft evaders and military deserters” were required to present themselves to a U.S. Attorney before January 31, 1975, execute agreements acknowledging allegiance to the United States, and engage in two years of alternate service under the Director of Selective Service, unless mitigating circumstances counseled in favor of a shorter period of alternate service.25 The proclamation stated that members of the Armed Forces who applied for pardons would receive undesirable discharges until they completed their alternate service, at which point they were eligible to receive a “clemency discharge” in lieu of an undesirable or OTH discharge.26 The proclamation established a Presidential Clemency Board by Executive Order to review the records of draft evaders and individuals who had received punitive or undesirable discharges.27 By the end of President’s Ford’s tenure, approximately 19,000 veterans had applied for clemency.28 The effects of President Ford’s clemency program were limited, as the proclamation expressly granted clemency discharges rather than honorable discharges and stated that clemency discharges “shall not bestow entitlement to benefits administered by the Veterans Administration.”29 To address the program’s limited impact, President Ford issued a memorandum on January 19, 1977, that directed the Presidential Clemency Board to grant honorable discharges to veterans “who were wounded in combat or who received decorations for valor in combat in Vietnam and subsequently received [OTH] discharges,” absent a “compelling reason to the contrary in any case.”
  13. Seems like the same ole crap still takes place when it comes to OTH-PTSD Upgrades...http://www.vfwpost8862.com/feed-items/veterans-with-ptsd-less-than-honorable-discharge-allege-bias-and-file-federal-lawsuit-against-navy-hartford-courant/
  14. I would reply to this as I have a few time but some reason this site freezes up after I write for 5 minutes and loose everything...
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