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I'm Considered 100% total Disabled with Mobility problems that resulted  loss of Use. PTSD. Major Depression, MST. Sleep Apnea with CPAP, Scars swallowing and more all service connected BUT VA doesn't pay me a Dime as they let me sign myself out with a OTH Discharge.  I became a quadriplegia and then after time a paraplegia while in service.. over months I regained some mobility and was in a Medical Hold my MEB had me listed as Physically Unfit for Duty and almost 35 years later we got Mental records that showed they had me Mentally unfit and suicidal and recommended mental treatment that they never gave.. I made some messed up choices and went AWOL from medical hold tried to drive and had a major accident..I was picked up transported to a Base and told choice of brig of sign myself out,, Now over 30 years later I suffer from muscle loss from my condition in service and had to give up my Job I had for over 20 years and only have SSDI.. The Military and the VA saves a lot of Money screwing us Veterans that were severely disabled while in service and live with those disabilities after.. its the only profession in America by anyone that you can become disabled and be denied Compensation.

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