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  1. These long wait time for a appeal decision is crazy.The veteran serve this country with Honor and receive a Honorable discharge now his body and mind is hurting what do this country do .Use u first my generation we was drafted for war after high school or college train how to kill in the Vietnam Era but nobody gave a dam about the Vietnam Era veteran until 9/11 happen then all of a sudden Americans citizens telling Vietnam veterans ":THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE": well it's about 46 years to late to thank us now.Right now u have Vietnam veterans dying at home from AGENT ORANGE with their claims some of them being DENY.Fortunately my brother in law survive the Vietnam War but die from AGENT ORANGE complications yes it did receive a disability check from the VA for several years before his death thank God for that, but their many Vietnam veterans dying with their claims being Deny.Veterans appeal cases taking to long for a decision maybe we the veterans need to find some smart lawyers and file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION for the long delay in making a decision on APPEAL CASES with so veterans dying before a decision and if they the veterans die before a decision is made the family of the decease veteran should still be award the funds from the case .In this VETERANS Administration system we live in would be different if it was mostly RICH or WELL CONNECTED veterans filing these disabilities cases the decisions will be decided a lot QUICKER, but that will NEVER happen we all know the MIDDLE and LOWER CLASS FAMILIES make up the Military.We do the killing and the dying for this country for example that CAPITAL GUARD die while defending the capital and now a Republican congressman would not shake the Guardsman hand who was hurt trying to protect the Capital and the congressman.Recently a survey poll was taken the Republicans would vote for PUTIN instill of BIDEN for President,WOW what a country I stood next to men who was DRAFTED did not want to be there but this country drafted them for war and they was order to go to Vietnam to kill or be kill some made it back some did NOT, and now we got a party(THE REPUBLICAN PARTY)in the UNITED STATES not wanting to give those guards a award for defending the Capital, but yet still they have the power to declare war on our enemies and if necessary draft your sons if need be for war. THIS COUNTRY GOT PROBLEMS,,PROBLEMS THEY DO NOT WISH TO SOLVE but continue to live under the THE BIG LIE drama .The historians will tell the truth and our children and grandchildren will read about the truth what happen to the Republican Party and Mr. Trump.We the veterans and capital guards kept our oath.Ask the Republicans congressmen did they kept the oath
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