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  1. Amen, Taicho. There were something like 90% casualties on Iwo Jima--look it up, folks--it was an impossiby tough battle. If you closely at Ira's photo, it's a mug shot. Poor guy.
  2. there is a book by James Bradley "Flag of Our Fathers" that explains it all. Clint Eastwood just finished making a movie about it.
  3. I sent in a very detailed NOD on a 30% PTSD award I got. I recieved a letter from the VA asking if I wanted a DRO or the normal appeal. I replied that I wanted the DRO. I called the 800# to make sure they recieved my correspondence---they did. The person I spoke to said they have 4 DRO's and it would be twelve months bsfore they get to mine. My question to all of you is this---I go to the VA regularly for PTSD groups and individual counseling. Should I send the VARO copies of the results of these sessions during the next twelve months? Thanks.
  4. Hi Terry and everyone, I got the letter asking if I wanted--aDRO or "traditional appeal". Terry, what route would you take other than the DRO? It's an NOD for a 30% ptsd rating. Thanks.
  5. thanks for your replies. My current claim is whereever they go after the c&p is done. I'm going to take your advice and send my NOD in now. My SO says to only go thru him-but I'll just send him a copy. A person at the 800# told me to put on the envelope--ATTN: APPEALS TEAM-----should I do this? Or just write on the envelope NOD? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I was awarded 30% ptsd in January-I'm going to NOD it. I have a pending claim for something else-the C&P was done recently. Should I send in the NOD now or wait until the 2nd claim is settled? When I do send in my NOD, should I give what I've written to my SO and let him turn it in? Or should I send direct to the VA (certified) and also send my SO a copy? Heis my POA> Thanks.
  7. Good afternoon, does anyone have experience with claims that include imbedded shrapnel behind the knee, chronic knee pain, and multiple small scars (1") ? Thanks.
  8. thanks, everyone. One other question--it (Klonopin) seems to hae negative sexual side effects for me. And, yeah Magoo, I start working the driveway with my "thumper" when the dinks are approaching. LOL
  9. Hi Testvet, any side effects? I can hardly drag myself out of bed in the morning and kind of feel in a daze for a few hours.
  10. Good morning, are any of you or have any of you been prescribed Klonopin ? How did it work out for you? Thanks.
  11. Hi Berta, is there a e-mail address I can contact you privately? Thanks
  12. thanks for the comments. But, again, what should I do now? Send in the form that came with the award? And say what on it? Only that I disagree?
  13. and, yes I'm working marginal jobs trying to keep my head above water. The main occupation I've had over the years brings my ptsd symtoms out in a terrible way.
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