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  1. Was trying to respond on my last post to your response.  Yes, that is the reason I want to challenge the way we are paid back payments.  If we would have had the money we could have invested it in savings if we were unable to use it as was the case being held by the government.  We could have kept up with inflation.

    Problem is I haven't found the regulation to challenge?  Probably is in a Secretary's Directive.  In any case I have to post the items I want to challenge under the 14th as I have included the 14th in my complaint.  Part of it will be due process.  The inability to obtain documents and evidence in the hands of the Medical Department.  The BVA hearing has a response from the BVA Judge to my statement that I was trying to get the missing documents (mostly OPTR) from my Medical Division Medical File to replace, "Lots of luck,  We can't even get documents from the Medical Division.  I suspect they were warehoused through private contracts not managed by the VA Records Management Center which means they can't be found because the contractor didn't plan for possible retrieval requests.

    Are our new topics under moderation?  Is that the reason I couldn't file this as a response?  Or are we unable to respond to responses now?

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