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  1. Active duty members use the MGIB and VA guarantees for home loans. Many of the 2.5 mill were reservists and national guard.
  2. The same Union also submitted the following position papers to the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Read it an weep for " The idiots are running the asylum" ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ody. GAO_6_46_letter.doc the_effect_of_dingesshartman2.doc
  3. I recently received word that the VA employee who had the data stolen from his home is actually a "senior policy analyst" GS 14 with 30+ years in the VA. Not some lowly "data analyst" If this is the way the VA leadership acts is there any wonder why the VA system is AFU?
  4. The VA like most federal agencies have a "work at home" or telework arrangment established. However, I quite doubt that this type significant number crunching was contemplated. Just think your Claims file could be at some VA employee's house right now..... Ody
  5. Thanks Mike. Nice to see you again also. I've been working too many hours to hang out but I miss everyone. Ody
  6. Hello all! Sorry its been a while but been busy fighting the good fight. One of my friends sent me this from the C in C of the VFW. Its Good and I didn't see it posted yet. take care Ody 0524_CnC_Ltr_on_Lost_VA_Data.pdf
  7. Hello Berta My understanding is that VBA mandated that employee's have to work a minimum 25% more cases in the same amount of time. The web site for this union also cites GAO 05-47 which goes into how VA in washington doesn't have a clue on how hard claims are to work when they make budget and staffing requests. Ody
  8. Attached is a letter I received by email. Call the House and Senate Veterans affairs committee and ask about this This is a Nationwide issue at every regional office Starting October 17, 2005, The employee performance requirements ( numbers of claims out the door)at VA regional offices nationwide went up 25 -75% without justification. AMERICAN FEDERATION OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES Affiliated with the AFL-CIO Local #2823 P.O. BOX 99511 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44199 Phone (216) 522-3530, ext 3021 Fax # (216) 522-2484 October 31, 2005 The Honorable Lane Evans Rankin
  9. Lookie what I found http://www.local2823.org/information_members.htm http://www.local2823.org/introduction.htm Ody
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